Monday, April 25, 2016

What's in a Name: Rafe Harrell Noel

Life with a newborn: Day 23. I think the baby knows we will say How High every time he says jump.

I said box jumps lady!

I can now refill the keurig using my right foot, with my eyes closed, while bouncing the baby, and singing whatever free style lullaby comes out of my mouth. I have't slept through the night since April 1st and I know it will be a long time before I'm afforded such luxuries again. Truly never been happier :) 

Rafe really is such a great baby but like all new babies he doesn't sleep for long periods of time. But now that I'm not pregnant I can have all of the caffeine and I need it.

I get so excited by a little gassy grin and I'm counting down the days until he intentionally smiles at me. 23 days ago I found myself looking up a steep learning curve and I feel like we are making big progress. The biggest thing I'm struggling with today right now, is managing my time. Lawd day it gets away from me. I started this blog post at 8:00am. One day at a time!

When it came to choosing Rafe's name, I knew pretty early on we were in for a big challenge when Nick said I want him to have a name that no one I have ever met has had before. My reaction was, so like you want to make something up?

The name Rafe first came up as a suggestion around week 18? It was a pretty early suggestion that Nick made. He pulled it out of thin air. We were riding around in the car one day and Nick said, What about Rafe? 

My reaction was, I like it, but I'm not ready to commit to it. I wanted to explore a whole bunch of names and it turns out there are a lot that I like. I knew I wanted our boy to have something different but not did they make that up? different, and I felt like I had a lot of research to do. No matter how many names I suggested, we kept circling back to Rafe. I knew it was a done deal when that's how we started referring to him in conversation.

Turns out Rafe is a bit of a family name on my side. I had a great great uncle named Rafe. It's a popular name in the UK aka how the British pronounce Ralph. The most common frame of reference we have been using is that it is also Ben Affleck's character's name in the movie Pearl Harbor, however our Rafe was not named after this character. Really we just liked the name. Pronounced "Rayf" it means "God has Healed". The meaning of his name moved me in a deeply personal way. I liked that the name sounded appropriate for a boy and just as fitting for a successful man.

Rafe's middle name is a family name and a tribute to my maternal Grandfather who was a huge positive influence on my life. It also honors our family as a whole and felt sweet and sentimental. 

When we choose this name, we knew the reviews would be mixed. You can tell immediately who likes the name and who doesn't which isn't offensive to us. We own our decisions :) Naming someone ain't easy!

Later this week, if I can manage my time, newborn product favorites! This list is surprisingly short and inexpensive. 

Disclaimer: any previous attempt I ever made at proofreading is now out of the window. 

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I always love reading how people come up with their children's names! It's definitely unusual, yet it still definitely sounds like a name. Love the piece above the crib!

  2. I love the way you chose his name! Sentimental and original names are so fun! Jakob's middle name is Uriah and no one, I mean no one around here has that! hahaha!

  3. I love the pronunciation. In my head, I was thinking Raffi but I did not think that was correct. Raffi is a really catchy children's singer from the 90's. I love the sentimental value behind it.

  4. Thanks.Hearher I made it with left over wood

  5. Congrats!!! I love the unique names that no one else has!