Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekly Goals In Review

Woops! It's Friday and I never posted my weekly gym goals! This week was a busy one for me in blog terms. it was so fun to finally share our nursery with everyone! I feel like it's been the focal point of my attention for so long now I feel kinda like a floater. I'm going to take some solid advice I received and make myself a miles long to-do list to help occupy my time while we wait.

 I'm hoping to hear I've made some progress on Monday. Fingers crossed. This week has definitely been my roughest one to date. Between blood sugar/ pressure issues on Monday and my rapidly expanding mid section, it's safe to say I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable sitting, and standing, and sleeping, and walking, and going from sitting to standing, when I'm eating, when I'm in motion, when I'm not in motion, when I'm riding in the car, waking up in the get the picture. I'm sure this is how everyone feels a the end of pregnancy and with good reason.

37 Weeks, feeling like a house
Each day has felt increasingly challenging to stay motivated to exercise, but I continue to feel the benefits far out weigh the desire to skip. Just three more weeks. I can do anything for three weeks right?! RIGHT! Feet don't fail me nah!

Rest Day (Doctor's Orders)

35 Minutes Elliptical
Glutes & Core

35 Minutes Stair Master
Biceps & Triceps

35 Minutes Elliptical
Glutes & Core


35 Minutes Stair Master
Shoulders & Chest

Zydeco Marathon Volunteer (at this stage- this is fitness)

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  1. You look great! Your motivation to keep working out is definitely inspriring! You will have to let me know what it's like to be a race volunteer! I have thought about doing it but I usually end up just doing the race! I think volunteering would be fun...I might have to just do it once to get the perspective from the other side!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. You are adorable and amazing! I was just telling a friend yesterday who's at the same point as you, I miss being pregnant and love seeing all the post... The you reach this point and I remember why I don't miss being pregnant. The final weeks are rough. :) it's like running a marathon tons of training for 1 amazing day!