Friday, March 18, 2016

Week in Review + Weekly Goals

Good morning and TGIF!!! I am really looking forward to the weekends these days. I'm taking advantage of staying in bed way longer than is considered productive, and just generally putting my feet up. No big plans this weekend, lots of R&R on the menu. I feel like I need it and I know I should enjoy these last few weeks before life changes in such a big way!

This week was a little rough. Tuesday and Wednesday were really great days. I had amazing energy levels and was overall pretty comfortable. Monday, Thursday, Friday. Meh not so much. Between low iron and being SO pregnant I am pretty tiered. I'm starting to feel anxious and find myself constantly worried about the baby. Is he moving enough? Is he ok? I hear this will be a theme for my life now, constantly worried about this little boy. I know anxiety/worry is a totally worthless use of time, but it hasn't made it any easier to avoid. Sometimes I just take a deep breathe and remind myself that everything is going to be OK. Have a little faith!

That said, work is really my saving grace right now. Keeping my mind busy is so important for me, and I love having a place to go everyday. I mostly sit at a desk all day aside from taking the stairs, and walking around the office. It's easy for me to put my feet up at work too. Overall, it was a good week. Things are just getting tough at the end, which is to be expected.

Here's what is happening at the gym:

35 Minutes Elliptical
Core & Glutes

35 Minutes Stair Master
Bicep & Tricep Strength

35 Minutes Elliptical
Core & Glutes


35 Minutes Stair Master
Shoulders & Chest


Incline Walk

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