Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baby Noel's Nursery

Saturday, March 5, 2016. The day we finished little baby Noel's nursery! This has been such a fun project for us to work on. Nick got into the nursery in ways that really surprised me and it totally turned into our project for our little baby. I had so much fun working on this with him! 

For those of you who don't remember, this is what the room looked like prior to becoming a nursery. 

It was our junk room, full of junk, an assault of pink, a vacuum cleaner graveyard. It never bothered me though. I kept that door closed for a straight year and a half ;)

When I started out working on turning the junk room into a nursery, I didn't have any clear cut direction I wanted to go in in terms of a theme. I knew I wanted to have some unique pieces, I wanted to keep the bedding somewhat gender neutral, so that if our second child is a girl, she could use the same bedding. That's pretty much all I had to go on. I picked out a paint color early on, and we got the crib, which is a convertible, during a liquidation sale back in October. Holla for a dolla. 

Overtime, I found myself gravitating towards an African Safari animal theme. Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, feature throughout

The rocker is actually called "Dark Taupe" and came from Wayfair. The shelves are a Nick Noel original, he used these plans, and stained them in Driftwood. The lamp came from Hobby Lobby, and the lamp shade from Target. Side table belonged to my great Aunt and is painted in Sherwin Williams Antique White, same for the changing table.

Our changing table is a dresser that belonged to my Mom and later to me. I picked up curtains at Tuesday morning. $60 to dress both windows. Pats self on back. Our little shag rug also came from Tuesday morning, and the picture on the wall is the sign in from the baby shower.

I really wanted to have some type of feature in the room that was a dual purpose: educational and fun.  The ABC wall is not an original idea. I stole it from the Pinterest. I found several for sale already put together online via Etsy, however, I thought it would be more cost effective to put together my own. Nick and I had a blast picking out random letters from different stores. Most came from places like Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning. I don't think it necessarily came out cheaper this way, I would say it averaged $3 a letter all said and done, however we had a lot of fun doing it and our ABC wall is 100% original. I love the way it turned out!

Last but not least, the crib's wall! This was our last project. We went back and forth over doing a full wood wall, to a pallet project, and ultimately the pallet won out. I had seen several online via Etsy, however I was pretty convinced this would be cheaper DIY and it absolutely was. The whole thing cost about 40 bucks, utilizing the same Driftwood stain from the book shelves. Nick made this piece from white wood and it does feature the baby's name, in big block letters I got from Hobby Lobby. However, we've agreed to not yet share the name publicly, on the off chance we change our minds (again). Naming someone is a hard job ya'll!

All of the bedding is the Harper Collection from Pottery Barn Baby. I have the bumper as well, however, I'm going to wait and add it in later once he's a bit older.

All and all, the nursery has been so much fun to put together. It is literally my favorite room in our house now. Sometimes I go and sit in the rocker and read or just think through my day. After putting so much effort into the baby room, I feel like I should put some more effort into our own room. Maybe that's what I'll do to preoccupy my anxious mind while we wait on our son!

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  1. I absolutely love everything, its all so unique and goes together so well! I cant wait to find out his name and see his sweet little face! Its SO close!

  2. Looks great! So excited to see the little Noel make an entrance into the world.

  3. It looks fabulous!! I love all the little details! I wanted to do an abc wall too but I was afraid I wouldn't find all the letters lol. I should have started looking in like October!

  4. Love it, looks really good! Your getting close so close!

  5. I love the letter wall! Such a cute idea!

  6. The room looks awesome! You did such a great job!!