Tuesday, March 15, 2016

37 Week Pregnancy Update

Monday morning I had my 37 week check in. 37 Weeks ya'll. I feel like it took eons to get here and there's a marathon to go. Or maybe just the last 5k. I'm feeling dramatic. You know when you're 3/4 of the way into a long run and you start question your sanity and how on Earth you will ever pull through? But there's only one way to finish so you have to trudge along? That's where we at.

 In hindsight, I know this time will feel fleeting. I'm trying to stay busy. Busy busy busy. The more uncomfortable I get, the more impatient I become. The more impatient I am, the more uncomfortable I feel. Vicious cycle. I know it's best for the baby to stay put and keep baking until he's ready. I can totally do this. Good news is this week, no fainting! My blood pressure was on the low end of normal, which is good I'm told. I have no progress, like at all. Nothing is happening. I don't have any of the braxton hicks deals either. Everyone at the doctor's office is confident I'll be in this condition for a few more weeks. Good news is they don't let you go over 42 weeks, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

How far along? 37 weeks

Total weight gain: 17lbs

Maternity clothes? Almost all maternity though there are some pre-pregnancy items still in rotation. Those items are things like tops, outerwear, and of course, yoga pants #tillidie

Sleep: Sleep is a real challenge. I'm not sleeping for more than a 2-3 hour stretch at this point. I constantly have to use the bathroom. However, I don't find it difficult to fall back alseep, which is good. It could always be worse!

Best moment this week: Volunteering at the Zydeco Marathon! It was so good to see so many ladies from my run group and to have a different perspective on race day. I'll share more about that tomorrow.

Miss anything? I miss challenging exercise. And caffeine. And being comfortable in my skin. And, literally, running around town.

Movement: All the time. Right now he's playing my rib cage like a washboard :)

Food cravings: I'm obsessed with green giant veggie steamers, and boneless skinless grilled chicken thighs marinated in orange juice and soy sauce. It's delicious I swear. A lot of other random things too, but this is most prevalent this week

Anything making you queasy or sick: No one thing specifically. If I don't eat frequent enough though I do get nauseated. If I eat too much in one sitting I get nauseated too. And when I say too much it doesn't take very much. Again with the running out of room....

Gender: Boy :)

Symptoms: I'm pregnant in all things now. There is no getting around it

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly I am happy. Random things make me cry. Emotions all over the place. We were watching Forest Gump this weekend and when Bubba died, I balled. Bubba was my best good friend. Que the water works.It's getting tough to stay positive though, not going to lie. I'm pretty uncomfortable and I'm looking forward to the pregnant part coming to a close

Looking forward to: Meeting my baby.I want to know what he looks like. I want all the medical people to tell me that he is OK. I want to snuggle with him. Mostly I just can't wait to meet him. 

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  1. You look so pretty!! Pregnancy looks good on you even if you are uncomfy. I'm 3 weeks behind you and I'm over it. I don't feel awful but I am just ready to start the recovery process and I'm ready to hold my baby. So ready!