Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Goals + Fitness Update

Lawd Day this third trimester is not messing around. Each day I find my work outs get more challenging. Usually, once I'm at the gym and in motion, I'm fine. I should say, each day I find staying motivated is more and more challenging. A lot of days I am tired and have the don't wants

I'm having to constantly remind myself how great a work out makes me feel on the inside, and that's usually solid motivation. When that fails, I remind myself that I have made it 33 weeks into pregnancy with a solid fitness routine. I can hang in there for 7 more weeks. What's 7 weeks at this point right?!  Ignorance is bliss. 

I know maintaining my fitness routine will only have positive benefits so I gotta keep trucking. I won't lie and say it's easy, but I will say it is worth it to me to continue.

At this stage, I'm limited to almost exclusively pregnancy work outs. I continue to feel good with incline walks, the stair master, and the elliptical. Honestly, the elliptical is my go to on days when motivation is extra low. As far as weight training goes, I am pretty limited. Core work is at a plank and oblique level only. I make myself complete three sets of 30 seconds planks at least three times a week. Planks have been great for me throughout my pregnancy, without a doubt. That said, total transparency, planks are probably my least favorite exercise to perform, but since it's all I can do, that's what I do. Suck it up buttercup. I'm looking forward to being able to have variety in my core routines. I miss decline sit ups, the roman chair, ab glides, and all floor work in general. I am definitely bringing back 6 week 6 pack when I get the all clear to resume fitness post partum. Holler at me Michaels!

All that said,  Pinterest has been a wonderful resource for a slew of pregnancy work outs. I keep a folder of these work outs saved on my phone and that's my resource for each day. I can follow instructions like a champ.

Anywho, here's been my plan for this week:

30 Minutes Stair Master
Leg & Core Strength

Rest Day (Mardi Gras Holiday)

Incline Walk/ Circuit Training

30 Minutes Stair Master
Chest & Shoulder Strength

Incline Walk
Circuit Training

30 Minutes Stair Master
Total Body Strength

30 Minutes Elliptical
Light Strength

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  1. Way to keep going girl! Your post inspire me each week to try an get off the couch a bit more and keep on walking.

  2. Elliptical and incline walking were my best buddies while pregnant too.