Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekly Goals & Fitness Update

Ahh the weekly goals. These are getting more and more challenging to put into writing. I find what I can expect of my body in terms of fitness changes quickly week to week and sometimes even day to day.

The last few weeks, I've had to take two rest days each. I have been so tired. Like I'm growing a new person or something crazy like that. I'm having to make frequent adjustments as to what is a reasonable expectation for me to have of my body at this stage of my pregnancy. I feel pregnant in just about everything that I do.  I'm trying so hard not to waddle. #8weekstogogah

Anywho, I make adjustments based on how I'm feeling one day to the next. For example, a stair master routine that I did just last week, didn't feel as challenging this week, and next week could be a wild card and I can't move at the same intensity. My overall outlook is pretty simple, as long as I am moving, I am putting in effort. If I'm putting in effort, I'm giving myself an A.

I feel like my body is changing rapidly in this last stage as my baby puts on fat and prepares to join us for life on the outside. It's wild to watch him move and grove from the outside of my body. Alien tummy in full affect and I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I can tell he is starting to run out of room as he lets me know when he's uncomfortable. He's never cramped when I'm walking around or standing, only when I'm sitting. Bossy little thing. The third trimester came on fast and strong, but I still maintain that the first trimester is by far the hardest. I have my last ultra sound next week, and then I won't see him again until we meet face to face. Excited is an understatement :)

Weekly Goals:

30 Minute Stair Master
Total Body Strength

40 Minute Incline Walk
Core (Planks)
Glute Strength

Circuit Training (1.2 Mile Incline walks)

30 Minute Stair Master
Total Body Strength

45 Minute Incline Walk
Planks & Stretch


Light Circuit Work

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  1. Ahhhhh! I cant believe youre already in your 3rd trimester!!! Its gone by so fast, I cant wait to see pictures!