Friday, February 12, 2016

Post Partum Preperation + Questions

Good morning and TGIF!!! It's been a really great week in the baby baking department. I feel really great overall and continue to truck along. Our nursery is nearing completion and I am SO so excited to share the finished product. Nick has a few little projects he is working on and then everything will be complete. (Decorative stuff). 

It looks like we will be ready for baby Noel to arrive any day in March, should he come early. However, I know that the first baby is notoriously late, so I fully expect to still be pregnant come April 10th cause that's how life works.

Anywho, now that we are prepared for baby boy Noel to join us, I'm starting to get myself ready, or as ready as humanly possible, for birth and post partum care. 

I realize I haven't talked much about birth since I began documenting my pregnancy. Honestly, it's because I don't really have that many concerns about birth. I know, I'm crazy. I don't have any anxiety or stress about giving birth, the process of giving birth, or anything involved with the medical procedures. I trust my doctor, I have confidence in myself, and I know we will be at the very best hospital in our area should something go wrong. Naturally, I have some preferences in mind, but overall I just want him to arrive safely. That is my singular goal. For my baby to have a safe and healthy delivery.  Lawd day I can't wait to see this little boy's face. As long as that happens, I will be one very happy Momma bear.

I am quite aware that this will not be the most glamorous time in my life, and I just want to feel prepared. Here is my question for you experienced Moms, what's on the must have post partum care list?

So far I have the following:

1. Always Infinity Extra Heavy Overnight Pads
2. Tucks med Pads
3. Colace
4. Nursing pads
5. Belly Bandit 
6. Depends Underwear
7. Brondell Travel Bidet
8. Nursing Bras
9. Nursing Camis
10. Robe 

What am I missing? What's an item you couldn't get by without? 

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  1. My biggest piece of advice would be to get the Preparation H flushable wipes. You will use a squirt bottle when you pee (the hospital will give you this), but these are great for after to wipe with. I didn't use regular toilet paper for at least a few weeks. Bring some with you! Hospital toilet paper is horrible!

    Get some black, bikini style underwear, the infinity pads are awesome, and some black yoga pants or sweat pants (a few pairs). I lived in black yoga pants, nursing camis, and long, open sweaters when people would visit or we would go out. I would say to ditch the Depends. Just buy a ton of pads with wings and change them really frequently. The bleeding is very heavy, but not this uncontrollable flow that many people say.

    Email me if you have any more questions! You will do great! It's honestly not as horrible as everyone says it is.

  2. Congrats! Your list is pretty complete. The only thing I would recommend lanolin or whatever your OB/Lactation consultant recommends for nipples. Those first few days are really rough on them and you might experience cracking or bleeding.

  3. Stool softener (it's scary to poop at first!) and ibuprofen for any pain at home. I don't think prescription painkillers are necessary unless you have a C-Section. Depends were my best friend for the first week or two during the night, and I would use heavy flow pads with wings during the day. Make sure you have comfortable underwear and pairs that you could care less about :-)

  4. I second the ibuprofen, and also that you probably won't need Depends. Even if you have a really bad tear and need pain killers for a few days, the vagina is a miraculous thing (exact words from my OB) and heals so quickly you probably won't need them long. They will give you a peri bottle, so you may not need the bidet. I had these cooling gel pads for my nipples (made by Medela I believe) that were really helpful for the first few days. A nursing pillow (Boppy, My Brest Friend, etc) is helpful, but leave it in the car until you get in your mother/baby room.
    I love your attitude about delivery, it really is the most exciting part of pregnancy. You're going to do great!

  5. I agree with the other comments here. I just had my third child 7 weeks ago. I agree with black yoga pants, Chapstick, maybe a Bluetooth speaker if you like music that way you can out your husband in charge of songs you would like to listen to. Your hospital may already have Boppy pillows to use so you may not need that. Make sure to bring your glasses and contacts if you wear them. Your own hygiene stuff such as shampoo and conditioner because the hospital stuff is terrible. Also your own body wash Dan lotion. Your first bath will make you feel so much better afterward. I would start putting the lanolin on ahead of time if you are prone to cracked dry skin if not then you can wait. Just keep in mind it is oily so protect your bra/clothes. I like washable nursing pads vs disposable and when I wash them I put them in a lingerie bag because otherwise I have clogged my washing machine hose! Do the same for baby socks, plus then they are easy to find to pair together. You will do great and take lots of pictures. Make sure your phone has enough storage. There is nothing worse then trying to take a picture and having your phone say you are out of storage. Good luck and hope everything goes well with you and baby:)

  6. The hospital gave me so many pads and tucks I was bummed I wasted my money buying them! I also would suggest using the hospital ones over the always. Always pads are super drying and if you have a tear it will dry it out and cause pain. Trust me on this one! You can also soak a pad or baby diaper in water and freeze it to help with any pain down there! Super helpful for the first few days! I had a pretty bad tear and a 10 lb baby, so I needed a bit of ice! :)

    Lots of Lanolin and soothies gel pads for nursing. Oh and I used disposable nursing pads for the first few weeks and then switched to reusable after my supply regulated a bit.

    I lived in yoga pants, nursing tanks and track jackets. I liked having pockets for my lanolin! Also a nice BIG water bottle! And some healthy snacks like granola bars and things that are easy to eat while nursing. You will be so HUNGRY and THIRSTY!

    Actual delivery was no big deal, it was the recovery that was more of a balancing act! You will do great! Good luck!

  7. For nursing, everyone is different. I never leaked at all. Nursing tanks, easy access tops, deep v neck, etc are the easiest. I hated lanolin, but loved mama love angel baby nipple butter. You probably don't need depends, but once you're home thin always pads are better than the huge thick hospital pads. Get some comfortable underwear you won't mind throwing away, too. Use the peri bottle they give you in the hospital, I don't think you need a bidet. I heard great things about dermoplast lidocaine spray, but I only had a small tear and didn't use it. You can also soak pads in witch hazel and freeze them. Yoga pants and pj pants when you first get home. Flip flops for the hospital in case your feet are too swollen for shoes. Stool softener and Advil for sure. I think you have a great attitude and will do great.

  8. I know everyone is different, but the post-partum care was not that bad. I had a 2nd degree tear, but the pain was very managable. They'll tive you good drugs at the hospital (I think I had Percocet) and the nurses will show you how to make a frozen diaper which feels wonderful.

    I had a way tougher time upstairs. Buy lanolin and use it often! My nipples cracked and bled, and took a long time to heal. But after 2 weeks, they adjusted, healed up, and 15 months later, I still have a great nursing relationship with my daughter.

    Honestly, the biggest piece of advice for after birth is patience. Have patience with yourself, your body, your marriage, and your little one. It will all come together, and your little family will be amazing.

  9. I agree with the squirt bottle, take that home and love it! Also, hospitals will give you mesh underwear, take advantage of those too!

  10. Your hospital will probably provide you with Tucks, Colace, and Lanolin!! Don't buy too much of it on your own, because we give it to our mamas. We also give Dermoplast spray to help with the discomfort down there, so you should be good to go! Your list is great, sister. You're prepared!

  11. Every hospital is different, but I agree with many commenters- you'll be surprised by how much stuff your hospital will provide you with! So, keep as much stuff unopened/receipts handy in case it's not needed and you can return. You're going to do great because you're in great shape- sets you up for success. Good luck!

  12. This isn't material related but my biggest advice is to be aware of yourself. Pick someone to confide in and feel comfortable having those "no judgement talks." Your body will be out of whack, your hair will shed. All of those are normal! Take your husband or your mom up on offers to take care of the baby! Get as much rest as possible! Also, don't forget date nights!