Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Good morning and Happy Thursday! This week is just zipping right on by, don't blink or you'll miss it, I can't believe it's Thursday and I'm just getting around to posting. Yikes! 

Huge thank you to everyone in response to my post partum check list! I got so much valuable intel from you Mommas who have walked the walked, and I truly feel as prepared as humanly possible for what's coming. At this point, I am just excited to meet our baby. 

Nick finished up one of his projects in the nursery this last weekend, he is so handy I tell you, and with one project to go, all we need is a baby. It's killing me not to share anything from our nursery, so here's a little preview

This room has truly become my favorite room in our whole house. There's a few before pictures of the room in this post. It was a total junk room. The shelves are a Nick original, he used these plans,  and the chair came from Wayfair. More details to follow in a post all about the nursery. We are almost done! I seriously love this room.

Exercise is getting really challenging, but I continue to put in my time at the gym. I felt a second endurance drop off over the course of the last week. My body is definitely slowing down as the end nears, but I do feel like it's important for me to keep moving. At this point I am down to 5 days a week work outs. I really feel like I need two rest days a week.  

I'm keeping to incline walking, which is getting challenging at my regular 4.0 speed but I continue to make do. The stair master has gotten really tough, and I've had to bring down my intensity level for the first time since the first trimester. I do find with the decreased intensity level, the stair master is still a great option for me. It's really incredible what the body goes through and I am just happy to continue to be able to move overall at this stage. I make myself take the stairs at work, drink half of my body weight in water every day, and we are now on a twice a day belly butter regimen. This little baby is doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing, fattening up. Now I know exactly why people say the last bit is the longest. 

33 Weeks Pregnant
34 week update coming on Monday. 34 Weeks. That means SIX weeks to go. I can hardly stand the waiting.

Here's how my gym week is going:

35 Minutes Elliptical
Glutes & Core Strength

Incline Walk/ Circuit Training

Circuit Training/ Total Body Strength


Incline Walk

30 Stair Master
Glute & Core Strength


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  1. LOVE that chair, lamp, and shelving!

    And that workout schedule! Looking great :)

  2. Such a tease! That shot of the room is awesome! You look fabulous, also. It is so inspiring to see your healthy/fit pregnancy. What tunes are you listening to these days? Do you have a spotify account? I'm training for a half and need new jams. Happy Weekend!