Monday, February 8, 2016

32 Week Pregnancy Update

Monday morning, I had my 32 week pregnancy check up! This was my last monthly check up and now I go back again in two week increments until 36 weeks. After 36 weeks, it's weekly check ins. Time is ticking faster I tell ya.

 This appointment was a 32 week growth ultra sound of the baby, the last ultra sound before we meet him face to face! Nugget Noel is weighing in at a little more than 4 pounds, they expect he will double his weight from now until birth. He has big feet, just like both of his parents, we could see them clearly tucked up underneath my rib cage. He's been really great and letting me know when he feels cramped, which is basically every time I'm sitting down. He doesn't complain much when I'm standing. We could see the back of his head, covered in hair, however his little face was facing away from us so we couldn't make out any facial features. He was busy scratching an itch behind his little ear and that small act alone almost made me cry. Get it together Mom He is doing exactly what little babies are supposed to do and is in a head down position. I'm told it's unlikely he'll flip at this point. Phew!

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain: 14lbs 

Maternity clothes? Mostly I'm wearing all maternity cloths aside from pre-pregnancy shirts. It's amazing how forgiving and stretchy cloths are made these days :)

Sleep: Still no trouble sleeping. I can't remember a time in my life when I have slept so well actually. I have to wake up once at night to go to the bathroom, but I have no trouble zonking right back out.

Best moment this week: Seeing my baby scratch behind his ear. It was just so cute. I already think he's perfect

Miss anything? I miss being able to run. I miss feeling strong. I miss feeling lean. BUT I know these are all things I will have again

Movement: All the time. I notice clear waking and sleeping patterns. He almost always wiggles his toes and trys to get more space every time I'm sitting.

Food cravings: Mostly I just feel more hungry than I would ordinarily. I am obsessed with sandwiches. They know me by name at Subway right now. Hi Leigh Ann! 6 inch chicken on wheat? I'm trying my best to make healthy choices for me and my baby. Sweets have a strong pull, though I'm getting better at resisting. I know these days of all calories being created equal will soon come to a close. I have woken up a few times in the last week, to go to the bathroom in the middle of night, and seriously considered eating a snack. This kid is not playing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No one thing specifically. If I don't eat frequent enough though I do get nauseated.

Gender: Boy :)

Symptoms: A growing belly, and a healthy appetite :)

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: I feel really great. Super happy and confident in all aspects of life actually. Overall, I am enjoying pregnancy 

Looking forward to: Meeting my baby. I keep imaging the moment he will be placed on my chest. When I can finally see his little face and soak up baby snuggles.

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  1. Friendly reminder to have your subs toasted at Subway. During pregnancy you can contract listeria from deli meat unless you heat the meat for at least 15 seconds. I'm sure you know that but just felt compelled to say it anyway. Sorry if I offended you :)

    1. No worries lady- I love a hot melty sandwich lol I expected someone would make that pregnancy PSA :)

  2. We had our final growth ultrasound yesterday (28 weeks here) and our little boy didn't cooperate either. He had a foot/leg all up in his face and he was turned back so it was hard to get a clear picture of him. But holy moly the feet! I wish I had a picture of them to send to you to compare. I swear his feet look half the size of mine already haha!

  3. 14 lbs.?! You are killing it, pretty lady! I totally used pregnancy as an excuse and went B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I gained 59 lbs. with my first. Whoops :)