Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend ReCap + Weekly Goals

Top of the Monday morning to you!! I had an incredibly restful weekend and am so ready to take on this week! I literally spent the entire day Saturday binge watching Showtime's Shameless. It was much needed chill time for this lady right here. Last week wiped me out!

Thanks Magen for the recommendation. This show literally sucked me into the deep dark hole that is the great TV binge. If it wasn't completely unhealthy to remain shut in a dark room watching TV, I would have accomplished nothing else all weekend long.

Sunday, I got out for a little while to hit up the gym, run some errands, and attend one of my closest friend's baby shower! Totally in control of my life. It certainly feels like I am surrounded by pregnant women these days, we are traveling in packs. Anywho, Claire and I met 9 ish years ago, holy smokes that's a lot of time, when we were working at the same tanning salon in college, and have remained friends ever since. It's totally coincidental that we are both expecting our first baby 3 weeks apart, both of us having boys. Couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried! 

She looks positively radiant! It was such a lovely shower and so fun to see so many ladies I hadn't seen in a long time. A treasure trove of baby knowledge this event was. I feel overwhelmed with so many baby products and what is or is not a necessity. I am an only child, and truth be told, I haven't spent any significant time around an infant, hence, some of my questions have questions, I've been really fortunate to have others to lean on for guidance. At the shower, we were asked to give Mom advice and that's when it hit me just how out of my element I will be with this precious new baby. My advice for Claire was, "When in doubt, call me and we'll cry it out" Which I do feel like is solid advice. We'll both be up a lot at 3am. I've always learned best when thrown in the pool and forced to swim. Ready or not!

In other news, I find myself feeling less "fluffy" post holidays with my nutrition back in balance and less chocolate with a side of potatoes. This development has been a huge relief to me. Honestly, I feared I was going to feel busted from Christmas on out to delivery, but I'm feeling like myself again. Myself with a basket ball attached to my front.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my reflection and it startles me. Like whoa there's a pregnant lady looking back at me. As much as I felt time crawled in the beginning, I feel like time is almost flying now. Suddenly April 1st doesn't seem too far away....

Weekly Gym Goals

30 Minutes Stair Master

40 Minutes Elliptical

Total Body Circuit

30 Minutes Stair Master

Treadmill Incline Walk/ Run

Total Body Circuit


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  1. Looking beautiful! And I babysat a lot, have a huge family that always has a baby in it, and a degree in early childhood development, the minute I popped my first out I was clueless lol. But you figure it out!