Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week in Review + Weekly Goals = Where did last week go?

Tuesday morning?! A whole week has zoomed right on by since I last checked in on my blog. Whoopsies. Last week was a bit of a doozie. Crazy busy and crazy exhausted- an awesome combo- yes? 

Last week was pretty rough. The iron supplement I'm having to take is causing other issues and my general lack of iron combined with being 30+ weeks pregnant is making me tired. I've had to hang up my running shoes- yap. It happened. More on that later- aka tomorrow.  BUT overall, I must say, I do feel pretty fabulous.

We are making major progress in the nursery! I'm so looking forward to sharing the finished product.  Here's a little sneak peak because I am just itching to share some progress.

 My goal is to have everything completed by March 1st, should he decide to come early, I'll be prepared. I'm really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at this point.  We are going to have a baby. Our baby. It's really so crazy to think about. It's the kind of anticipation I've felt before any big life change or accomplishment. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it, slightly apprehensive, and sometimes overwhelmed by the enormity of what's coming. Ya know, the feeling you get when something really great is about to happen to you.

I feel my body changing more quickly now. I've had a few people who don't know me personally ask me when I'm due, with each passing day, I look more and more pregnant. Sometimes my appetite feels straight up out of control. This kid is not playing. I've done so well thus far, and I'm trying to make good choices for both me and my baby. I'm trying to snack on yogurt, fruit, and vegetables. Sometimes my sweet tooth does get the best of me. Dang sugar has been so addictive! I'm still getting in all of my work outs though, so I won't beat myself up about the sweets. Plenty of time to stress about that later :)

1-24-16 30 Weeks

Weekly Goals:

35 Minute Incline Walk

Circuit Training/ Lower Body Strength

30 Minutes Stair Master

30 Minutes Elliptical

Incline Walk

Circuit Training/ Lower Body Strength


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  1. Glad to hear your feeling great! I am sorry you had to hang uo your running shoes. Not for too much longer!