Friday, January 15, 2016

TGIF - There's No Place Like Home

TIGF!!! This week was a doozie for me, super busy start to finish. I got back home Thursday evening from my last business trip before my chicklet arrives this Spring. I left town early Tuesday morning, which means I planned this blog week out ahead of time. Toot toot beep beep! 

Pregnant traveling was logistically pretty challenging. It's not as simple for me as it once was to balance heavy bags and hustle through the air port. I try to condense all of my clothing and toiletry items into a carry on so I roll from place to place easily and maximize my work time. I try not to check  a bag in general (unless it's vacay), it seems things are easily misplaced these days. I don't carry a purse, so I put all of my "purse" essential items in my computer bag. My growing belly has made things awkward for me. Trying to balance my computer bag across my front (hint: the belly is hard so the bag bounces back), pulling my rolling suit case behind me, making my way down an airplane isle, while simultaneously trying not to be that asshole who hits everyone already sitting in an isle seat with their carry-on, was EXTRA challenging. Stowing a suit case in an over head compartment, balancing a heavy lap top bag, on a packed airplane, let's just say I am quite happy to grounded. 

It's all fun and selfies until those feet start to swell.

29 Weeks
This was probably the hardest travel trip I have ever experienced, and traveling is usually something I enjoy doing. I LOVE to travel. I love going new places and meeting new people. Ordinarily, I enjoy a layover or a small delay. Sitting down and ordering a crisp salad with a glass of vino, knocking out a little work, and visiting with other travelers, it all just seems quite glamorous! Well, I am definitely feeling like a pregnant lady. Flying did not feel glamorous. Give me some cold water, trail mix, a chair, and like five minutes to prop up my swelling feet. Peace and blessings!

All that said, the stars aligned, and on the last leg of my trip home, I was bumped up to first class!! Oh all my gees I was so excited! This has literally never happened to me in my life. I had to text Nick, "check out all this leg room that I have!"

Health & fitness wise, this week feels like a complete wash. I missed work outs on Tuesday & Wednesday, though MFP calculated I walked over 2.5 miles each day. I did wake up and put in a work out Thursday morning before work. I was feeling like a giant slug so I had to do something. I tried to make healthy choices while traveling and on Wednesday and Thursday, I did well. 

Total honesty, Tuesday got the best of me. We were delayed three hours from the start. scarfed down lunch during a five minute layover in the airport, I had a fruit and yogurt parfait, arrived at out destination and got straight to work. Finally made time for dinner around 7:00pm, and I found myself at Sonic ordering a chili cheese coney with a side of mozzarella sticks. I regret nothing. 

Any who, since I didn't post a plan on Monday- here's how this week is going down:

30 minutes Stair Master

Travel & Sonic
Gummy bears for dessert

Lots of walking, and no dessert

35 Minutes Elliptical

30 Minutes Stair Master

Incline Walk/ Run

30 Minutes Stair Master

I am so happy to be home. Nick has never looked so handsome and my puppies have never cuddled so hard. That there Dorothy was onto something!

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  1. UGhhh im glad i'm not the only one that gets so thrown off when they miss workouts!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away