Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pregnant Running: Second Trimester Edition

The second trimester of pregnancy has been really great to me. Overall, the second trimester has been such an overwhelmingly positive experience. I can definitely see why some women really enjoy pregnancy. This has been a honeymoon stage without a doubt. I already catch myself saying things like next time around, and then I'm like hold on crazy, one baby at a time :) It's truly amazing how quickly I was able to forget about that trying first trimester. No matter what happens during the day, when I feel my little baby wiggling around, it puts a big smile on my face and a joy in my heart that is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. 

Second Trimester Running- After the initial endurance drop off in the first trimester, I continued to run regular distances at my pregnant pace. I would say pregnancy added a minute to a minute and half per mile to my usual pace. The weather was also a huge factor as my first trimester took place in South Louisiana over July, August, September, a time of a year that is tough to run period. During the first trimester, if I ran more than 3 miles, I needed a long nap to recover. During the second trimester, however, I noticed I was able to run a five mile distance and continue to have a regular day. Generally speaking, I had some days I felt better than others, just as I would normally, and I always felt great on race days. I ran four races during my second trimester:

Staying motivated to run during pregnancy has been a challenge, and as time has gone on, running has become more uncomfortable. I pretty much knew I was done with outdoor running after the Cajun Country race. The further I run, the more compressed my bladder feels. If it weren't for the increasing need to use the restroom, I would continue to feel comfortable outdoors. If there were 5ks available to me during this time, I would feel safe participating knowing it is a short distance and walking is an option (bladder relief). 

To date, it doesn't feel painful in anyway to run. I don't have hip pain. However, within the last two weeks of the second trimester, my stomach begins to feel quite heavy after about a mile, and then my bathroom issues strike. It has been such a strange time for me physically. I'm used to running stronger as time goes on through out the season and the opposite has been true. Instead of getting stronger, running has become more challenging. Something I think will really help with my mental endurance when it comes to building back up postpartum!

I am so fortunate to have been able to run so far into my pregnancy and I don't plan to stop completely, however distances are now out and I can't be away from the treadmill, because the bathroom. I haven't felt any additional endurance drop off since the first trimester. In fact, there have been times where I felt like I could really dial up the intensity. There have been days where I have felt like my old self.

There have also been days where I have just felt so pregnant running seems like insanity. All things considered however, second trimester running was a great experience. Sure,there are days I have been tired. I have felt demotivated. But every time I start in on a run task, I'm always glad I did, and that feeling alone has been enough to keep me going!

Fitness- I have noticed a decrease in my over all strength, which is to be expected. It has felt more natural to back off on heavier weight, especially on leg days. My best advice would just be to listen to your body, If something feels uncomfortable, then don't do dat cher.

I continue to do sets of planks through out the week, and lots of oblique exercises. My favorite work outs right now are always in a circuit and usually include total body strength of some sort. Overall, I wouldn't say that I have had to make major adjustments to my general routine aside from decreased weight and abdominal modifications for obvious reasons.

I continue to feel great on the stair master and the elliptical trainer. I haven't noticed any endurance drop offs since that first trimester there either. I continue to enjoy walk/run incline routines. A work out always makes me feel so much better mentally. I plan to continue as long as fitness keeps making me feel good!

Third Trimester here we come- the home stretch! 

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  1. Has it been hard for you to gauge your workouts based on soreness? That may sound weird but prepregnancy I knew when I increased weights or changed up my routine, I would feel it the next day. Now I find myself getting worried more when I have more of an ache. I'm not really increasing weights or anything like that and I try to keep my intensity around the same. Everyone says just trust your body but I don't trust mine right now, haha!