Friday, January 8, 2016

Back to "Normal"+ Week in Review

Congratulations! We survived the first week back to normal! It felt fantastic to get back into a routine this week. I have missed the normalcy a regular ole week presents. Staying up late on NYE really through off my internal clock. It's crazy how easily that happens. I feel like I'm just now fully recovered. I found myself sleeping late. Really late in the days that directly followed the New Year. Nick and I literally lazed about in bed until noon days in a row. Who are we? While quite lovely, it can not continue indefinitely, and we have normal working hours to attend to.

I have to say this first normal week back really flew by. Dare I say it, time is ticking faster! We used the past weekend to pack up Christmas and accomplish a few more tasks in the nursery. This weekend, I have another nursery project for myself. I'm using and old dresser as a changing table, it once belonged to my Mom and later to me. I also have a side table that will go next to the rocker. This little table belonged to my great grandmother which I think is just so cool. Redoing old furniture is always so fun to me, especially when a piece has history. The creative and transformation process is always rewarding!

I've noticed some big changes in my body over the course of the three weeks. More so than any other weeks throughout pregnancy actually. Which tells me this baby I'm baking is putting on some weight! The Victoria Secret semi annual sale helped me out in one department. I had to purchase bigger bras for my rapidly expanding chest. I feel like that happened literally over night.

In the last week specifically, I have noticed my stomach starts to feel more heavy throughout the day. I definitely feel pregnant now. I'm sure most women think to themselves several times throughout pregnancy, how am I going to possibly be pregnant for X more weeks? I had that moment for the first time this week. I caught myself thinking, holy moly I'm 12 weeks out from delivery. Crazy. Generally speaking though, I continue to feel fantastic!

Next week, I have my 28 week baby check up, so look for an overall update post. I'm also going to share my 2nd Trimester pregnancy favorites.

Next week is going to be a busy one for me. I have my last work trip prior to delivery. The doc says no flying after week 32 which is the first week of February for me. Girl you are grounded! Hearing that it's best for me to stay closer to home from that point on made me really feel like oh wow this is getting real. To be honest, I have those moments sometimes daily at this point. In under three months I will be a Mother to one sweet baby boy.

Until then, I am going to thoroughly enjoy this Mardi Gras Season and those 300 extra calories I get a day. Can we say King Cake?

I love being pregnant. I never feel the least bit guilty about tucking into something sweet :)

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  1. You look so cute!!! I've been having those moments where I think I don't think I can grow for X more weeks, lol! I totally get the heavy thing. It's hard to explain to the non preggos. I don't feel like I myself am heavy, I mean, beyond the usual weight lol. I just feel like this baby is heavy even though he's like a lb if that. I've succumbed to wearing a brace some days to help with some back aches. Last night I spent about 2.5 hours in bleachers and one of those hours on the edge of my seat for my daughter's basketball game, so I guess that's part of my back problem. Anywho, you are looking great!! And getting so close now!