Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Recap + Nursery Update + Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!! It's Christmas week, so I suspect things will be slow round the social media circuit. So many people off enjoying their families and making last minute preparations for their festivities! Just as it should be :)

This weekend was another busy one. Friday night, we had a Christmas get together with friends that left us out until 12:30 am which is basically like staying up all night long when you're pregnant. Saturday morning I slept in and skipped my run. I planned to get it in on Sunday and just switch my rest day, however Saturday night we had another party with Friends and Sunday I was SPENT. Double rest day sil vous plait! Not gonna beat myself up about it, moving on. 

In other news, I was gifted a selfie stick, which in blogger lingo means I can now officially join 2015. So I took an awkward selfie and tried to take a selfie with Nacho. If it's not edible Nacho isn't impressed.

I can definitely tell when my little baby hits a growth spurt because my energy level goes zappppppp zzziiipppppp gotta lay down. This feeling is new to me. Ordinarily, I can go and go and go and go to do list all day, but not right now. I get tired. So tired. Talking feels like a task at times. It's just ridiculous! Long story short Sunday was just not my day. 

However, Sunday we got a little productive, and when I say we, I mean Nick was productive while I supervised. We have made major progress in the nursery, I'm so excited to share the finished product! I ended up choosing Halcoyn Green as our nursery color and I love it. Nick changed out that ancient ceiling fan this weekend and now I'm ready to tackle some of the fun stuff. Like bedding and curtains and a rug oh my!

Supervising is the tough job

Sneak Peak- Bye Bye Pink Paint!!!
It's starting to feel really real. There's going to be a new person living in our house with us. I am getting so excited to meet our son! I've allowed myself to start thinking in terms of weeks to go and imaging his sweet face. So excited! 

Weekly Fit Goals:

Leg Day

40 Minutes Cross
Bicep & Tricep

Circuit Training

30 Minutes Stair Master
Shoulders & Core

Rest Day/ Walk the Dogs

5 Mile Run/Walk

Incline Walk/ Run

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  1. Can you send your hubby to Kansas? My 1 1/2 old has a new fan in a box to replace the one covered in Britney Spears, NSYNC, & Backstreet boys stickers from the previous owners!! Poor boy! Maybe he will be in a boy band someday.... Can't wait to see the finished product!