Friday, December 18, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday + A Little Rant

Good morning and TGIF!! Christmas season is in full swing, the whole month of December is really zipping right on by. We've been busy both personally and with work, that always makes the time fly by. Up until this month I've honestly felt like time has been ticking akin to molasses.

Let's get this out of the way- I know, enjoy it now before the baby gets here and you never sleep again! HAHA People are hysterical with their under handed comments. It's like saying something really bitchy via text, then typing LOL *winky face emoticon* at the end. See all better! It has astounded me how many people have negative things to say disguised as "good intentions", and just want to make sure you're "prepared". 

Its absolutely shocking to me that pushing a watermelon out of my vagina won't be like spending the day at the beach! I'm so shocked!!!  OHMYGOODNESSYou mean, my body will need to recover after performing this physical feat? The creation of a new person and subsequent birthing process will be physically taxing?! I'm so glad you told me. Really. Thank you. I was planning a marathon April 10th. Those hemorrhoids are sure to make that impossible though. Phew!Thank you for cluing me in. I'll invest in Tucks right right now.

Babies don't sleep 10 hours at a time?! I am absolutely stun gunned that a tiny fresh baby human, who is growing rapidly, with a developing digestive system, and small stomach, would need to feed and sleep at small intervals while their body grows!!!!! Thank you for imparting your precious invaluable wisdom, it is truly news to me!!!! How would I make it through the day without you, Captain Obvious?!  Geez louise. Before this is over I'm going to write a post called "Dumb shit people say to pregnant women". 

Sometimes I feel like I have a guillotine hanging over my head with the way people talk about birth and infancy. Yes, I know the path ahead will not be easy. Why do people assume that everything in life is should be an easy task? Anything worth having doesn't come easily and that would most certainly included birthing, and subsequently raising <---- see the real challenging part here, a productive human being through adulthood. Rant for the day. Totally didn't plan on doing that, it just kinda came out. (I will write that dumb shit people say post) 


I have felt like pregnancy is a whole lot of waiting. Waiting for the next thing to happen, waiting for another appointment, waiting to start showing, waiting waiting, so for time to be passing quickly is exciting to me! Obviously, all things pass quickly in hind sight, but living it can be another animal all together. However, I feel like I'm rounding a corner, and it's starting to pass more quickly. Overall, I feel incredible. This has been a great week. I continue to feel great at the gym. I have been so fortunate to not be sick at all. Knock on wood. Sleep is coming easily and I'm enjoying this stage. Just wait until the end! HAHA

1.I'm loving this little AP IP Pregnancy that congratulates me each week I make it further into this baby baking thing. 15 weeks doesn't seem like so much time now does it?

2. This new hair straightener Nick surprised me with. This little gift totally made me tear up. He went out of his way to my hair salon, to ask my hair dresser what he should get me to replace my old straightener. Who is really winning at life in this situation? I have thick curly hair so a new straightener is a total game changer for me. My last one broke earlier in the week, mid way through my morning fight with my Hermoine Granger hair. I LOVE this straighter.  It makes my hair so shiney. 

3. Incline Walk/Run treadmill intervals. This is my go-to right now. I always end up super sweaty and happy after one of these work outs. This morning I completed 40 minutes of walk/run intervals at a 3 mile distance. My formula is mostly incline walk 5, run a fast 5. It feels really good to run at short distances right now 

4. Target Ponchos til I die. I've purchased an alarming number of ponchos this season from Target and I am getting TONS of compliments on them. I like them for a bunch of reasons but mostly because they aren't temporary aka maternity and B they help camouflage my condition at work. It's prolly a little silly, but it's important to me that I be seen as a professional person in the office, not a pregnant woman. These ponchos are AMAZING

Edit: Women at work can absolutely be both professional and pregnant.I didn't mean to insinuate I think the two are mutually exclusive. All work places are different, and camouflaging my bump makes me feel most comfortable in mine.

This post totally didn't go the way I intended BUT sometimes, you just gotta let a lil steam out ya vent. Can anyone relate?! TGIF, make it great!

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  1. Oh man... I am loving that fur poncho! Im going to Target after work and looking for some. I need longer tops to wear under them so I can wear with leggings!

  2. First, I greatly appreciate your rant. I am way too nice when people give unwanted advice. I really hate the sleep now advice... There is no such thing as banking sleep. Recently a family member told us that if I stay home with the baby that Joe should be able to sleep through the night since he has to go to work. Listen people don't tell us how to manage the care of our unborn child! Ugh. Second, I love love that Target poncho. They are totally catering to the tall gals this season as I tried one on that almost went to my knees! Third, you look great girl! Enjoy some running for me!

  3. I'm just curious what makes you want to NOT be seen as pregnant or that pregnant women can't be professional? I work in a big corporation with several women and I've always admired how they've handled their pregnancies with their work loads. I'm not sure what you do for a living, but I think it's vital to speak as women that we are allowed to be women in our jobs. Not to fight you or anything...just wondering where you're coming from there.

  4. Well let me tell you, what you will not be prepared for is how much you will love your little guy! And how it is more fun every single day! My son is 14 months now, and I swear I am still in disbelief that I am so lucky to have him!

    Labor is obviously not a cake walk, but it is temporary. I actually found it much like running a long race! Very rewarding! There is such a sense of accomplishment afterward! And a baby is way better than any medal you will receive!

    I am thrilled you are back to blogging for your pregnancy!

  5. Yesssss to your rant! Absolutely! Also, I need people to stop telling me their birth, pregnancy, infant horror stories that their friend's mom's coworker's cousin's best friend had happen to them. Stop! Right now. Stop telling me how many people get an epidural and it doesn't work. Stahhhppp. Also, stop telling my husband that his life is over. Why is his life over? Isn't it just beginning?? These are the same people that started asking practically at our wedding reception when we were going to start having kids. People are just cray sometimes. Ok, now I'll stop my rant, lol.

    I think time is going to start going by really quickly after Christmas, don't you? I think a lot of time has been taking up waiting for so much to happen and preparing for the holidays. Once those are past I think April is going to get here before we know it!

  6. When I was pregnant we also heard a lot of these comments- how hard it would be, how tired we would be, etc. After having our son (he's 20 months now!), my husband and I both agreed that from now on when we are talking with someone who is going to have a baby we always make sure to tell them that it is going to be AWESOME. Like, I don't think anyone said that for the entirety of my pregnancy. It was all about how hard it would be, etc. But, I can assure you, even when it is hard it is also amazing! Congrats!