Monday, December 7, 2015

Pregnant Run Challenges + Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday! It has been wild and crazy since Thanksgiving, but things do feel like they are going to be a little more chill this week. I had a super fun filled weekend! Nick and I hosted our Dirty Noel Party for the 3rd time. I can't call it annual cause it's more like a when we feel like it kinda party but we had a great turn out and it was a blast to kick off the festive season with friends! I took zero pictures, so I'm collecting from others to provide ya'll with a post! Bad blogger award goes to.....

Thanks Mel for the pic with your selfie stick :)
In the mean time- things are getting challenging on the running front. I ran my scheduled five mile run this past Saturday morning and it did not go so well. 3 miles continues to feel fantastic, 800s in a circuit feel great, but somewhere between 4-5 miles my body just wasn't having it.

Things didn't feel "heavy" or painful as I've heard it described by so many, more like it just didn't feel good to keep running. So I walked/ran my last mile. The roses were quite fragrant! I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue with distances greater than 4 miles. I want to try a 10k this coming weekend, and I'll be 24 weeks aka 6 monthsAchee wa wa we are getting somewhere in the baby baking business!

I've had to totally let go of any pace expectations and just be thankful to keep moving. A totally different mind set for me, and I can't say it hasn't been enjoyable to just run for fun. 

The challenges I'm facing are as follows:

1. General Pace decline- totally expected. I'm carrying around a little tiny human with me everywhere I go. It's like running with weights :)

2. Frequent bathroom breaks- this run had TWO potty breaks. My bladder just can't handle the distance. The further I run, the more compressed my insides become

3. Motivation- I am struggling to motivate myself. I find getting out of bed early in the morning to be quite challenging. I don't look forward to it the way I once did. For now telling myself, Think of how great you'll feel afterwards has been enough of a motivator. Exercise always makes me feel amazing both physically and mentally. However, getting going is not without its challenges.

I'm trying to focus on getting through one day, one work out at a time. I know in hindsight staying active will only benefit both myself and my baby. It is just tough. That's all I got to say about that

Weekly Goals

Leg Day

30 Minutes Stair Master
Shoulders & Core Strength

3 Mile Run
Bicep & Tricep Strength

Total Body Circuit

Incline Walk
Chest/Back Strength

5K/10K Trail Run. Distance TBD that day 


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  1. Just keep swimming! Working out improved my pregnancy so much. I had less swelling, less lethargy, and overall felt so much better when I exercised consistently. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.