Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hit with the Christmas Yuck Truck + Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happiest of Tuesdays to you!! How was your Christmas?! Did you spend time with the people you love? Oh yeahs, lots of time with them people! Did you get lots of sweet gifts?! Uh huh, uh huh!! Did you eat too much?! ME ME ME!

I'm on Christmas detox day three, because I enjoyed Saturday too, and I'm feeling less and less like I got run over by the yuck truck. I get nervous about over doing right now. It's not like I can go out on a ten mile run to attempt to counter act the damage I've done. I have a hard time saying no to my Mom's famous black bottom pumpkin pie or a second helping of mashed potatoes because let's be real, I never ever pass on mashed potatoes over the holidays. Never ever.

To clarify what I mean when I say "detox" it's keeping the calorie count around or just under 2,000 calories a day with a work out. I don't keep track of anything other than my daily calorie count. What's a macro? 

Anywho, I am feeling much much better after nearly a week of indulgences. The good news is, I'm not fighting back against cocktails this year too! Silver lining! I hate that busted can of biscuits feeling and excluding the holidays, because yes I did this to myself at Thanksgiving too, I've been able to avoid feeling busted throughout my pregnancy. 

Christmas detox day 3 - Another Target Poncho
In other news, I think it's time for me to admit my outdoor running days are over for now. The more I run, the more I need to pee. The more I need to pee, the more uncomfortable I am. The more uncomfortable I am, the comfortable I am with the idea of popping a squat in my neighbor's yard, An activity I'm sure would be highly frowned upon. It's actually illegal.

Cardio that feels great: running a half mile or 800's in a circuit. Walk/ Run Incline Routines. The Elliptical, and the stair master. All of those activities are bladder friendly. I'm following my old favorites just at different run intensities. It will be fun to push myself back up to the old paces. I'm really looking forward to the challenge.

55 Minute Incline Walk/ Run Routine Slower run sections
At 27 weeks, I'd say I've had a good run. Pun intended. I can't believe I'm in the last week of the second trimester. Creating a new person is truly an incredible process. I'm starting to really envision life with our baby and what it will feel like to finally hold him in my arms. I'm looking forward to the fourth trimester aka pregnancy recovery period. Yes, I'm totally crazy town and already have a post partum plan.

There is a CRIB in our house!!!!
Other things we usually plan this time of year: resolutions. My go to for years now has been something physical: run X distance at X pace. Complete X set of pull ups. Hit X weight on squat. Maintain goal weight through the year. Etc. I'm having to really think about resolutions that are outside of myself physically, and it's been rather challenging. Good thing I love a challenge. I'll share here before the end of the year.

What are your resolutions for 2016?

Weekly Goals:

Leg Day

40 Minute Elliptical
Total Body Weight Circuit

800's Treadmill Circuit

30 Minutes Stair Master
Shoulders & Core

Walk/ Run Treadmill Routine
Bis & Tris

5 Mile distance run attempt or Treadmill Walk. Run Routine


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Recap + Nursery Update + Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!! It's Christmas week, so I suspect things will be slow round the social media circuit. So many people off enjoying their families and making last minute preparations for their festivities! Just as it should be :)

This weekend was another busy one. Friday night, we had a Christmas get together with friends that left us out until 12:30 am which is basically like staying up all night long when you're pregnant. Saturday morning I slept in and skipped my run. I planned to get it in on Sunday and just switch my rest day, however Saturday night we had another party with Friends and Sunday I was SPENT. Double rest day sil vous plait! Not gonna beat myself up about it, moving on. 

In other news, I was gifted a selfie stick, which in blogger lingo means I can now officially join 2015. So I took an awkward selfie and tried to take a selfie with Nacho. If it's not edible Nacho isn't impressed.

I can definitely tell when my little baby hits a growth spurt because my energy level goes zappppppp zzziiipppppp gotta lay down. This feeling is new to me. Ordinarily, I can go and go and go and go to do list all day, but not right now. I get tired. So tired. Talking feels like a task at times. It's just ridiculous! Long story short Sunday was just not my day. 

However, Sunday we got a little productive, and when I say we, I mean Nick was productive while I supervised. We have made major progress in the nursery, I'm so excited to share the finished product! I ended up choosing Halcoyn Green as our nursery color and I love it. Nick changed out that ancient ceiling fan this weekend and now I'm ready to tackle some of the fun stuff. Like bedding and curtains and a rug oh my!

Supervising is the tough job

Sneak Peak- Bye Bye Pink Paint!!!
It's starting to feel really real. There's going to be a new person living in our house with us. I am getting so excited to meet our son! I've allowed myself to start thinking in terms of weeks to go and imaging his sweet face. So excited! 

Weekly Fit Goals:

Leg Day

40 Minutes Cross
Bicep & Tricep

Circuit Training

30 Minutes Stair Master
Shoulders & Core

Rest Day/ Walk the Dogs

5 Mile Run/Walk

Incline Walk/ Run

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Things I'm Loving Friday + A Little Rant

Good morning and TGIF!! Christmas season is in full swing, the whole month of December is really zipping right on by. We've been busy both personally and with work, that always makes the time fly by. Up until this month I've honestly felt like time has been ticking akin to molasses.

Let's get this out of the way- I know, enjoy it now before the baby gets here and you never sleep again! HAHA People are hysterical with their under handed comments. It's like saying something really bitchy via text, then typing LOL *winky face emoticon* at the end. See all better! It has astounded me how many people have negative things to say disguised as "good intentions", and just want to make sure you're "prepared". 

Its absolutely shocking to me that pushing a watermelon out of my vagina won't be like spending the day at the beach! I'm so shocked!!!  OHMYGOODNESSYou mean, my body will need to recover after performing this physical feat? The creation of a new person and subsequent birthing process will be physically taxing?! I'm so glad you told me. Really. Thank you. I was planning a marathon April 10th. Those hemorrhoids are sure to make that impossible though. Phew!Thank you for cluing me in. I'll invest in Tucks right right now.

Babies don't sleep 10 hours at a time?! I am absolutely stun gunned that a tiny fresh baby human, who is growing rapidly, with a developing digestive system, and small stomach, would need to feed and sleep at small intervals while their body grows!!!!! Thank you for imparting your precious invaluable wisdom, it is truly news to me!!!! How would I make it through the day without you, Captain Obvious?!  Geez louise. Before this is over I'm going to write a post called "Dumb shit people say to pregnant women". 

Sometimes I feel like I have a guillotine hanging over my head with the way people talk about birth and infancy. Yes, I know the path ahead will not be easy. Why do people assume that everything in life is should be an easy task? Anything worth having doesn't come easily and that would most certainly included birthing, and subsequently raising <---- see the real challenging part here, a productive human being through adulthood. Rant for the day. Totally didn't plan on doing that, it just kinda came out. (I will write that dumb shit people say post) 


I have felt like pregnancy is a whole lot of waiting. Waiting for the next thing to happen, waiting for another appointment, waiting to start showing, waiting waiting, so for time to be passing quickly is exciting to me! Obviously, all things pass quickly in hind sight, but living it can be another animal all together. However, I feel like I'm rounding a corner, and it's starting to pass more quickly. Overall, I feel incredible. This has been a great week. I continue to feel great at the gym. I have been so fortunate to not be sick at all. Knock on wood. Sleep is coming easily and I'm enjoying this stage. Just wait until the end! HAHA

1.I'm loving this little AP IP Pregnancy that congratulates me each week I make it further into this baby baking thing. 15 weeks doesn't seem like so much time now does it?

2. This new hair straightener Nick surprised me with. This little gift totally made me tear up. He went out of his way to my hair salon, to ask my hair dresser what he should get me to replace my old straightener. Who is really winning at life in this situation? I have thick curly hair so a new straightener is a total game changer for me. My last one broke earlier in the week, mid way through my morning fight with my Hermoine Granger hair. I LOVE this straighter.  It makes my hair so shiney. 

3. Incline Walk/Run treadmill intervals. This is my go-to right now. I always end up super sweaty and happy after one of these work outs. This morning I completed 40 minutes of walk/run intervals at a 3 mile distance. My formula is mostly incline walk 5, run a fast 5. It feels really good to run at short distances right now 

4. Target Ponchos til I die. I've purchased an alarming number of ponchos this season from Target and I am getting TONS of compliments on them. I like them for a bunch of reasons but mostly because they aren't temporary aka maternity and B they help camouflage my condition at work. It's prolly a little silly, but it's important to me that I be seen as a professional person in the office, not a pregnant woman. These ponchos are AMAZING

Edit: Women at work can absolutely be both professional and pregnant.I didn't mean to insinuate I think the two are mutually exclusive. All work places are different, and camouflaging my bump makes me feel most comfortable in mine.

This post totally didn't go the way I intended BUT sometimes, you just gotta let a lil steam out ya vent. Can anyone relate?! TGIF, make it great!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cajun Country 10k Trail Run Recap

Last Saturday, I completed my fourth race and second 10k during my pregnancy! I feel incredibly blessed that my body is still allowing me to keep moving forward. It is so cheesy, but I can't imagine not being able to run and how much I would miss it, both physically and mentally. My doctor is good with me running for as long as it feels good. He has been incredibly encouraging of my physical fitness and assures me I will not hurt my baby in anyway. He told me at this last visit that he has some women run the whole way through, just at a  continually decreased paced. Decreasing pace is not optional, at least for me.

Anyway, back to the race. I ran in this event last year completing the half marathon. The half course was pretty tough, again with the physical and mental. The course itself is physically demanding and the race isn't heavily participated, nor is it heavily supported on the course. It's a really great race to build up some mental and physical endurance! Based on my experience last year, I assumed the 10k would be similar. Tough.

I didn't even register for the race until the day before. I knew the weather was gonna be muggy and muddle-ly, I wasn't sure how far I'd want to run, there is a 5k trail option available as well. I had concerns about my bladder, as always these days, but the day before the race, I had really great circuit work out that left me feeling brave, so I went for the 10k!

Friday night, I had my work Christmas party and I didn't get to bed until after midnight. Needless to say, Saturday morning I had all of the don't wants. Too cheap to waste my race sign up fee, I got up and headed to the start line

I started off the race with the Sole Sistas who were running the same distance, safety in numbers I tell ya, and we took off. I swear I pouted for the first mile and contemplated quitting. Whattttt????? The race starts and we're running a down hill slope in the grass, Then up hill through the trees, and I'm trying not to trip on people or things on the ground. Am I crazy to be doing a trail run at 6 months pregnant? or am I just crazy to be doing a 10k trail run? (Things I think to myself) 

It's evident very quickly that pace goals be damned. Let's focus on not tripping. It wasn't until we rounded the corner away from where my car was parked that I committed to finishing this thing. 

We hit mile two and there are two porta pottys. It's like a sign from Jesus, that I stop and take advantage of this situation. After using the bathroom, I felt ready to cruise. It's like my entire mind set changed and I was off into the woods. Miles 2-5, I was mostly alone with my thoughts in the woods. Occasionally, I would come across other runners. Sometimes I would walk behind them a bit, sometimes I would ask if I could pass them (I feel like this is unspoken trail run etiquette), but I was mostly all on my lonesome. Up the hills, down the hills, running through the forest. 

That familiar feeling set in and I felt amazing. So happy I had woken up. So happy I had committed to this run. I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed my life has been and how thankful I am for all that I have. Just this simple act of moving my two feet in a repetitive motion through the woods on a  Saturday morning is an incredible blessing that I cherish. I felt so GOOD! It's like the light shone through the trees brighter, and leaves made a soft crunchy sound under my feet in a melodic undertone. Everything was colored in a positive light. I really had the best experience.

The course was tough, but I wasn't concerned with my pace, just covering the distance and enjoying the experience. It got pretty warm, but overall I felt great. I noticed my distance tracker was off with the official race markers, like a half mile off, pretty sure I took a wrong turn having my moment in the woods, but whatever. I just felt so great. So great. 

Towards the end of the course, I started allowing myself to get a little negative. What if this is it? What if you don't run anymore races until after the baby arrives? What if you can't run for months and months and months? What if I can't find the motivation to get going again after so much time off? What if I fall back into old patterns? What will I do if I can't move my body? <-----See my fears.

Then this little Carrie Underwood song came blasting through my headphones, Something in the Water, and I started to tear up. I just feel so lucky and blessed and I don't ever want to take this life for granted. It's a feeling that is both exhilarating and terrifying. There I was about to start crying  at the finish of this 10k I tried to talk myself into skipping that morning. In my defense, I have openly admitted to feeling weepy.

And now I'm singing along to amazing grace
Can't nobody wipe this smile off my face
Got joy in my heart, angels on my side
Thank God almighty, I saw the light
Gonna look ahead, no turning back
Live everyday, give it all that I have
Trust in someone bigger than me
Ever since the day that I believed I am changed
And now I'm stronger

It was such an unbelievably positive experience for me. I am so thankful I got out of bed that morning.

This is the tone that I finished that race with. I loved it. Loved it. Awesome morning.

Smile when you have your picture taken gah!! Things my Momma says.

Let's talk about this pic for a second. When I first saw it, I saw everything about myself I don't like. All giant hips and big arms. I may not have gained much weight sense I've been pregnant, but I definitely feel my body changing. I feel heavier, I feel like I'm losing muscle and gaining fat, and it has been challenging for me. After I took a step back from criticizing myself, I'm reminded that I am creating new life, which trumps any negative way I could ever possibly look at my body physically. I also know that no one will ever be as hard on me as I am on me. Why do we do that?

Whole 'nother post for a different day. Happy Wednesday people!

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