Friday, November 6, 2015

Week in Review & Things I'm Loving Friday

Things I am loving Friday, besides the fact that it is Friday, there are lots of little product-y things I'm loving. BUT first, my week in review :) 

We survived our first week post time change cause it is just always a drag.  For a few weeks now, I've been trying to adjust my schedule for more early morning work outs and less afternoons at the gym. Getting myself in the habit of early morning work outs everyday. Friday is always an early morning day for me, and I usually make time for one more early morning work out sometime through out the week. Generally speaking however, my childless self's schedule is used to doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Oh girl those days are over! 

I know I'll have to be wise with my time once the baby gets here. I can't see myself going to the gym after work when that happens. I'm sure I'll want to go home and be with my chicklet, soooo, I'm working on this adjustment.  I made it to the gym four out of five mornings with one afternoon this week. Little victories. Monday, I just couldn't drag it out of bed. Next week, I'll try a little harder :)

Another little victory: I ate NO candy this week, NONE. Bye Bye Halloween. Nick had to take all of the candy to his office. It couldn't go to mine because then I might still eat it. This is an incredible accomplishment for me. Incredible. Detox was rough. I have my glucose test coming up though, so it's time to act right. 

Random question: Anyone else pregnant out there and averted to protein? This is a problem. Especially at night. I don't want to eat any protein. She don't want no meat? It's crazy. I've had chips and salsa for dinner two nights in a row. This is no bueno I know. I may try a protein shake in the evenings if this keeps happening. Thursday I cooked pot roast then turned my nose up at it. Who am I?!

Is she doing that meme Friday thing again? I don't know how it happens, memes just come naturally to me

Things I am loving this Friday!

1. All Jamie Eason programs for lifting. I have been in major don't wanna have to think about it mode lately. I love all of her programs! I like to mix the phases of LiveFit depending on the intensity of my cardio that day, and I also throw in random work outs from Flat to all That.

2. Oprah's Favorite Things - I like her list for a lot of reasons. It gives me great gift ideas but it also serves as a fantastic reminder that it's time to get on that Christmas Shopping. I've bought one gift. 

3. Viatafusion Prenatal Vitamins: because who doesn't like gummies? My hair and nails are amazing right now. #pregnancyperk

4. Seraphine's London Bump Kit- I ordered their London bump kit a few weeks back. While their cloths are pricey, this kit was worth every last cent. I seriously don't know how I would make it through this awkward in between phase without these pieces. I ordered a medium and everything fits well, while at the same time, there is plenty of room to grow. The dress is on the bigger side but will work well in a month or so. I found a coupon here, which made the price more palatable. 

5. Gentilly Cake - I have been craving just one slice of Gentilly Cake for a solid week now. I'm getting one this weekend. Nick is having some people over for some football game on Saturday, and I'm using this as an excuse to buy this flat out amazing cake. I have no idea what game is on or blah blah details. Momma wants Gentilly cake. I lerve it.

Happy FRIDAY!!!!! Have a great one party people!

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  1. That bump kit is genius. I can really see each piece lasting 9 months. Man, I hate meat these days. The most I get is from shrimp, greek yogurt, almonds and cheese. Occasionally I can tolerate sausage or a pork tenderloin but haven't eaten baked chicken since June.

  2. I've gone through some no-meat kind of days too. They haven't really been consecutive or anything. Last night I had a grapefruit and leftover spaghetti with just sauce no meat. I almost just ate the grapefruit and went to bed but I would have been really mad if I woke up at like 2am hungry lol.

  3. I had a meat aversion, especially chicken, while I was pregnant. My little one is 6 weeks and I am just now eating meat again. Eggs, Greek yogurt and protein shakes/bars were my go to!

  4. When I was pregnant with my 2nd the only meat I would even touch is sausage! I was mostly vegetarian:)