Monday, November 9, 2015

Running Update & Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday! Is everyone loving this Fall weather??? I'm crossing all my crossables that it lasts through the Cajun Cup this weekend.

Speaking of the Race, it's been my big motivator thus far in my pregnancy, and I can't believe it's finally here!! Eeek! In August I felt like it would NEVER be November, and 20 weeks pregnant felt like a pipe dream....20 weeks Half way. It's a big physiological boost. Now I feel like we're really getting somewhere! I'm finally able to picture the pregnancy finish line and imagine life with our baby.Although, it does still feel surreal most days.

I rearranged my weekend to accommodate the weather, switching my rest day to Saturday instead of Sunday. The weather was fantastic Sunday morning and I was so lucky to have company on my 6 mile run. My pace wasn't great but I can't say I really tried all that hard either. My goal was just to cover the distance and my last mile was my fastest at 10:16. That's all I ask of myself of these days- finish strong!

Can you spot the bathroom break? Porta potty save the day!
I feel very confident I'll be able to come in under my 1:10:00 estimated finish. I may even surprise myself if I don't have to take a bathroom break. Ha.

I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity run bottoms. I am still wearing all of the same tops, aside from my favorite jacket which is all wonky around the waist now. I was beginning to feel like I was constantly tugging at my non maternity wear. I have found there is a huge hole in the market for fit pregnant women. Finding a pair of run pants that A didn't cost 80 bucks a piece- people are crazay- and B I could complete legitimate high impact activity in, has been a real challenge. I went with this pair from old Navy. 

On sale for $20. I've already order 2 more pairs. I got a medium and they are a little on the big side, but I'm sure I'll fill that right on out in a month or so. Be warned- these are not what I would consider compression material and they are not moister wicking. They do however make everything feel secure and non jiggly so there's that.

Last week to train for the Cajun Cup and I've gotta say I'm so thankful I had this goal, especially to carry me through those early weeks when I was just going through the motions trying to stay in motion. I've got to start thinking about my next goal, which will probably be a smattering of 5 and 10ks. I just don't have the desire to run a half right now. Mostly because I can't trust my bladder, and that is no laughing matter. Ba dum cha. Ok I'll go be cheesy somewhere else. Have a great day!

Weekly Fitness Goals

Modified work out to exclude lying leg curls, including another set of seated leg curls

3 Mile Run
Shoulders & Core Strength

45 Minutes Cross Training
Biceps & Triceps

3 Mile Run
Chest & Back

30 Minute Incline Walk
Total Body Strength
(Light Day)

Cajun Cup 10K Race


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