Monday, November 23, 2015

Nursery Paint Problems + Weekly Gym Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!! It's Thanksgiving week, and that means life is gonna be crazay! I've got a short work week but a packed schedule. I have really been looking forward to the holidays this year. Not that I don't every year, but this year in particular, I feel all ooey gooey about it!
I was feeling under the weather for most of the weekend, and woke up Monday morning feeling like a million bucks, so it could be that too :)

Over the last week, I've really started feeling the baby move and groove, I'm obsessed with the feeling and it surprises every single time it happens. The combination of my little chickee reminding me daily he's coming and passing the pregnancy half way mark, has me really starting to think about the nursery. We bought a crib a few weeks back, but other than that, I'm pretty unprepared for my little dude at this stage. Over the long weekend, I'm looking forward to getting moving on his room.

This room has been our junk room since we moved in, and it used to be a teenage girl's room. Hence, the current color, which we fondly call arresting pink. This is the room I put everything I didn't want to deal with, closed the door, and walked away. That was a year and a half ago, so we've had some work to do. 

We have cleaned out the room, with a few things left to put in the attic. This feels like major progress! 

Before we bought our house, I always considered myself to prefer warm colors, but when it came down to picking paints,and decorating, I'm definitely drawn to cool, soothing tones. This has really surprised me about myself. Nick has said he feels like he lives in an Easter Egg. Drama lama says heyyy Anywho, these are my two front runners for the baby's room. 

Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone
Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green

Oh em gee so different right? Sarcasm. I'll probably end up having to eenie meanie miney moe this one. They are obviously very similar colors. Opinions are very welcome!

The next item on the agenda for this room is a new light fixture. The fan in the room is ancient and needs replacing. It makes a shrill screeching noise when it's on too. Fun times. I'm hoping to snag a new one on black Friday. 

Que the Don don don sound effects this fan deserves

Once the room is painted and put together, everything will all start to feel that much more real! When this is all done, I'll feel like I can start buying him things and getting organized. A new person needs a lot of stuff :)

In other news, Nacho and Nola got new raw hide bones Sunday, this small act has caused all out war in our house. Translation, they must be delicious and were super cheap on an end cap at Wal Mart. Bone war goes like this: Nola takes her bone, then steals Nacho's bone and hoards both for herself. Nacho lets her because Nola wins. Game of life. I gave Nacho a new bone this morning while Nola kept the other two to herself like the gremlin she is. His happy face just made my day. 

Dis is so delicious

Weekly Gym Goals

Leg Day
10 Minute Stair Master Warm Up

40 Minute Cross Training
Shoulders & Core

5k Race

Rest in Stretchy Pants

Incline Walk/Run Routine
Bicep & Tricep Strength

5 Mile Run

Incline Walk or Stair Master 30 Mintues
Total Body Strength

Happy Monday and I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving week!

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  1. I feel your pain. Our junk room was so nice and convenient when we needed space to just hide things away. Now I'm having to deal with the clutter. Oh man. I'm doing that while getting Christmas stuff out of the attic so I can kinda thin things out all at once. I'm trying to find a great rug for the nursery and then go with a complimenting color from there. I'm leaning toward a really light gray blue.