Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's A......

Nick and I are overjoyed to share that we are expecting a baby boy! 

Around week eight, I had a really strong feeling that the baby was a boy. I couldn't explain or justify this feeling, but it was there. So many people around me were guessing that the baby was a girl, and it caused me to doubt my gut. Going into ultra sound day, I felt clueless, and knew I would be genuinely surprised either way.

We found out that Nugget Noel is in fact a little he, together at my 16 week doctor's appointment. The longest morning. I swear they kept us on ice forever. Forever. Blah blah check vitals, blah blah, I feel fine, blah blah, GET ME IN THE ULTRA SOUND ROOM!

Finally, it's time for the ultra sound. We've been waiting eons, aka 30 minutes, since we arrived at the doctor's office that morning. Nick was thoroughly enjoying my obvious impatience. This girl wanted to wait til birth day! I literally woke up that morning at 5am and popped out of bed. Today's the day, today's the day, today's the day, hurry up time tick a little faster!

The tech comes into the room. She's just finishing up her morning snack. All calm like, meanwhile, my heart is literally about to beat out of my chest.

She puts the Doppler on my stomach then quickly pulls it back. "Whoa!" says the tech
*Filed under things you never want to hear someone administering an ultra sound say*
What do you mean whoa? What's in there????? - Me

She can tell I'm alarmed. The baby is very active. I hope I can get a good shot!

Phew ok. I'm not cooking something crazy. Good to know. Meanwhile, Nick is sitting in the chair next me bobbing his knee up and down 90 to nothing. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

And then she said, "Awww! It's a little boy!"

Immediately, big fat happy tears start rolling down my cheeks. I don't know why, but knowing the gender made me feel 1,000% more attached. He looks like a baby now too. The whole day made everything so much more real.

 Suddenly, I had to know everything about this little boy. So I started firing off all of my questions.

How tall is he?
How much does he weigh?
Is his development accurate for his gestational age?
What will his college major be?
Does he want to play sports?
How will he want his eggs cooked on Sunday mornings???

Unfortunately, the technician could only give me the answers to the first three. He's a perfectly normal biscuit a bakin'. 

A little boy. A boy. We're going to have a son! 

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  1. YAYYYYYYY! I'm so happy for yall!

  2. I knew it!! Yay!! Congrats. Boys are fun:)

  3. I knew it!! Yay!! Congrats. Boys are fun:)

  4. Little boys are wonderful! How exciting!!

  5. Congrats!!! Little boys are so much fun!

  6. Ahhhhh so exciting :) Congrats!!!!! And why don't they know how he wants his eggs?

  7. Congrats!!! Little boys are great! They love their mamas!!!

  8. Sooo happy for the both of you!!!!

  9. Sooo happy for the both of you!!!!

  10. Congratulations! I definitely teared up reading this :)

  11. how exciting!!!!! baby boys are SO much fun...although I'm a boy mom so I may be a little biased! xo

  12. Congratulations on your son! I know that finding out the sex made it 100% more real for us. Hope baby boy keeps growing strong!

  13. Aww congratulations!!! We are having a boy too! It's so exciting! And I can't believe you were going to wait lol. I knew I couldn't wait a minute longer than I had to haha