Friday, November 13, 2015

Cajun Cup Prep, Week in Review

Good morning and TGIF!!! I am so excited this morning! First and foremost I want to thank everyone for making Wednesday's news so fun to share!! The first question that follows the gender announcement is Do you have a name? The answer is, maybe? We have a few front runners, but nothing is concrete just yet! 

In other news,today is also Cajun Cup packet pick up and tomorrow is race day! The weather looks to be fantastic, around 50 degrees at the time of the race! Its wild to me that this is my big race of the season, ordinarily it's just the first race in a string of longer races. To be clear, I'm not hanging up my running shoes after the race, I have every intention to continue running for as long as it still feels good. I just don't plan on doing any long distances races until after my little mister arrives. 

Any who, I'm really looking forward to getting out there and doing what I love with the people I love to do it with! Our run group is growing in numbers and it's always so much fun to spend Saturday morning at a race with these ladies! 

Week in review: This week I have been TIRED. Sleeping 9-10 hours every night and still having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I made two early morning work outs this week. That's it. I did feel really strong in the evenings though, so moral of the story, listen to your body and make adjustments when necessary. 

I also find I wake up in the morning starvin like marvin and my appetite wains through out the day. By the time dinner gets here, I have no interest in food. Which is totally opposite of the way I am normally. I've been filling in with a handful of something, usually high calorie, just to make sure I'm getting enough calories in. It's not like I feel necessarily averted to one particular food, it's more like What can I tolerate eating right now? I don't feel sick, just very fickle. I sure do miss eating like a normal person.

I still don't feel like I look pregnant all the time. I saw a friend at the gym the other morning who was surprised to hear I was so far along. I swear black compression is worth every last cent. I'm wearing mostly non maternity wear. Some of my work pants are still non maternity, but it's pretty much a done deal in the jean department. I feel good in all of my pre-pregnancy tops too. Which is good. The less I have to spend on a temporary wardrobe the better!

Old navy maternity skinny jeans shirt and jacket are old
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you enjoy the race this weekend! So fun that you are able to complete a few races with baby boy in tow.