Wednesday, November 4, 2015

3 Mile Pace it Out Treadmill Routine

Good morning!! Today I'm sharing a 3 mile run routine I actually ran a few hours ago. My 2-3 mile scheduled run turned into a 3 miler since it felt so good. Every time I run now, I'm constantly thinking Is this it? The last good run? Enjoy it! 

Anyone who runs, has heard the phrase, Running is all mental, and it really is. Believe you can and you are halfway there. Truth.

In the beginning, the metal game is between you and that little voice that says, It's ok to walk now. Then that voice grows stronger, a little more confident, Push yourself a little bit further, just past that mail box, you can do it, and eventually that voice gets bold, brazen, and bossy: No one slows down during the last mile, Don't be a quitter, Push yourself! How bad do you want this?? Quitters never win!! SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! I won't even detail the insane, and sometimes vulgar, things I think to myself to make myself keep going, but it gets pretty intense. haha.

I learned pretty early on that, for me, a bad run, is defined by one that I couldn't finish strong. There is only one way to finish strong, and that is to lead with your head and finish with your heart. No matter what distance I'm running, I run the first half with my head, meaning I run a comfortable conversational pace. After the half way mark, I let myself start feeling confident, and I pick it up to a less comfortable pace, it's time to put the ear buds in and focus, but I can still talk if I need to. When there's 1/4 of the distance remaining, I dial it up all the way up. Heavy breathing, no conversation, insane mental pep talk head space. Running in the red. I can always push myself in that last bit if I'm smart about my gas. This pace plan is still working well for me, especially now that I have adjusted to my slower pace, and have more realistic expectations of my body.

I really should have walked this out to 35 minutes, and let my heart rate totally recover, but I had to pee. Have I mentioned I'm pregnant? Oh just like four or five times today. *eye roll*

Running at negative splits like this is win win for me, as I A finish strong and B ,beat treadmill boredom. Ok I only have to run at this pace for five minutes, two and half minutes, and so forth. I can mentally prep myself for five minutes on the human hamster wheel but I always struggle if I hop on the treadmill and think, ok 24 minutes to go! Ugh.

How do you beat treadmill boredom?

What tricks do you use to pace out a distance?

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  1. You make me feel motivated to take up my exercise routine in hand ♥♥