Monday, November 23, 2015

Nursery Paint Problems + Weekly Gym Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!! It's Thanksgiving week, and that means life is gonna be crazay! I've got a short work week but a packed schedule. I have really been looking forward to the holidays this year. Not that I don't every year, but this year in particular, I feel all ooey gooey about it!
I was feeling under the weather for most of the weekend, and woke up Monday morning feeling like a million bucks, so it could be that too :)

Over the last week, I've really started feeling the baby move and groove, I'm obsessed with the feeling and it surprises every single time it happens. The combination of my little chickee reminding me daily he's coming and passing the pregnancy half way mark, has me really starting to think about the nursery. We bought a crib a few weeks back, but other than that, I'm pretty unprepared for my little dude at this stage. Over the long weekend, I'm looking forward to getting moving on his room.

This room has been our junk room since we moved in, and it used to be a teenage girl's room. Hence, the current color, which we fondly call arresting pink. This is the room I put everything I didn't want to deal with, closed the door, and walked away. That was a year and a half ago, so we've had some work to do. 

We have cleaned out the room, with a few things left to put in the attic. This feels like major progress! 

Before we bought our house, I always considered myself to prefer warm colors, but when it came down to picking paints,and decorating, I'm definitely drawn to cool, soothing tones. This has really surprised me about myself. Nick has said he feels like he lives in an Easter Egg. Drama lama says heyyy Anywho, these are my two front runners for the baby's room. 

Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone
Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green

Oh em gee so different right? Sarcasm. I'll probably end up having to eenie meanie miney moe this one. They are obviously very similar colors. Opinions are very welcome!

The next item on the agenda for this room is a new light fixture. The fan in the room is ancient and needs replacing. It makes a shrill screeching noise when it's on too. Fun times. I'm hoping to snag a new one on black Friday. 

Que the Don don don sound effects this fan deserves

Once the room is painted and put together, everything will all start to feel that much more real! When this is all done, I'll feel like I can start buying him things and getting organized. A new person needs a lot of stuff :)

In other news, Nacho and Nola got new raw hide bones Sunday, this small act has caused all out war in our house. Translation, they must be delicious and were super cheap on an end cap at Wal Mart. Bone war goes like this: Nola takes her bone, then steals Nacho's bone and hoards both for herself. Nacho lets her because Nola wins. Game of life. I gave Nacho a new bone this morning while Nola kept the other two to herself like the gremlin she is. His happy face just made my day. 

Dis is so delicious

Weekly Gym Goals

Leg Day
10 Minute Stair Master Warm Up

40 Minute Cross Training
Shoulders & Core

5k Race

Rest in Stretchy Pants

Incline Walk/Run Routine
Bicep & Tricep Strength

5 Mile Run

Incline Walk or Stair Master 30 Mintues
Total Body Strength

Happy Monday and I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving week!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

40 Minute Incline Work Out + Week In Review

Good morning and TGIF!! This week has been fun and jam packed! From the Cajun Cup, to the anatomy ultra sound, Cadillac night with girlfriends, and our Thanksgiving Pot Luck at work, the week just zipped right on by. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Eeek! I feel overwhelmed with all I have to be Thankful for this year.

Speaking of Turkey day....This week has been my worst week eating wise since I got pregnant, and I know next week will prolly be a little intense too. Gobble Gobble. 

I am still recording everything I eat each day in MFP. I'm mostly doing this to make sure I'm not consuming an egregious amount of calories each day. I try to keep it around 2,000 calories a day when I work out. There is no macro count. Haha. This isn't some strict number, more like a guideline, and I don't beat myself up if I go over or if I'm under. I like having something to hold myself accountable, so that I don't go off the deep end. Which would be so easy to do. Anyway, Thursday was a doozie. I'm sure next Thursday will be too. I'm making sure to nail all of my work outs because I'm not depriving myself of any of the goodies this year.

Overall this week, I have continued to feel phenomenal. I'm feeling the baby move more now, and it is truly the best feeling. It makes me smile every time I feel him wiggle around in there. It's the most reassuring feeling on Earth! I'm still struggling to get to the gym in the early morning. I just want sleep. I made it to the gym twice in the AM this week, every other day has been an afternoon. I'm averaging around 9-10 hours of sleep a night, which is just insane to me. I never sleep this much, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it too!

Treadmill Incline Walk/Run Routine

I love an awesome incline walk/run work out. They always leave me feeling accomplished and super sweaty. Here's my Friday morning routine from this week. 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!! 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

20 Week Pregnancy Update

Monday morning, I had my 20 week pregnancy check up! On the agenda? Glucose test and "in depth" ultra sound. I had some anxiety about this ultra sound. I knew if there was anything to be concerned about with the baby, this is when we would find out. I think it would be unnatural for me not to have any concerns or anxiety. We are incredibly blessed, as everything has formed exactly as it should, and the baby is perfect. The ultra sound really amazes me, and I love getting to take a peak inside at what he's up to. He has big feet and his Dad's profile. He made sweet little faces and was relatively calm throughout the ultra sound. It really is just so freakin cool to see your little miracle growing inside of you! 

I also had my glucose test, which is the first predictor of possible gestational diabetes. I know a lot of people complain about the drink, but it was fine. The consistency wasn't strange. It was just a sweet drink. Basically sugar water. Down the hatch, no problems. About 20-30 minutes after I drank the drink, my body produced an insulin surge that made me feel like I was going to hurl then pass out in it. It was not a fun way to feel, but I survived. Obviously. The feeling passed in about five minutes, and I went on to have a normal day afterwards.The score had to be under 140 and mine was 87. PHEW!  Trucking right along, they sent me on my way, and I have my next appointment at 24 weeks.

How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain: 3 pounds

Maternity clothes? I'm wearing a hodge podge. Almost exclusively wearing pre-pregnancy tops, a few pairs of pre-pregnant work pants, lots of pre-pregnancy dresses. Jeans are a done deal. I could get away with wearing pre-pregnancy jeans, with a rubber band extender, but it's just uncomfortable. No bueno. Tights with boots are my go to right now

Sleep: Still waking up once a night to pee, but other than that, me and sleep are B to the FF

Best moment this week: Seeing him move his little face around during the ultra sound

Miss anything? Still missing C4 and red wine, but each week that passes, I miss it less and less.

Movement: I didn't feel any movement that I knew was DEFINITELY baby until last Sunday (11/15/15). I was feeling little things here and there that made me think "is that him??", but nothing definitive until mid week 20. I found out during my ultra sound that my placenta is anterior (on the wall of the uterus closest to the outside of my body) which explains why I'm not feeling as much movement. The placenta is acting as a buffer of sorts.

Food cravings: All of the fruit. I LOVE fruit. Particularly berries and apples. And yogurt. And bread and cheese. Chips and cheese. Quesadillas. We like cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, but I'm still feeling averted to meat. It doesn't make me sick, but we aren't getting along either

Gender: Boy :)

Symptoms: a growing belly, and sleeping more than I usually do

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: I am annoyingly happy.

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to looking more pregnant. I still feel like I'm in questionable territory most of the time. Ha. 

Weekly Fit Goals:

Leg Day

45 Minute Cross Training
Shoulder & Core Strength

Added weight to lower body
Increased wall sits to 1 minute
Increase run intensity with each round

3 Mile Run
Bicep, Tricep, Core Strength

30 Minute Incline Walk/Run
Back Strength

5 Mile Run


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Monday, November 16, 2015

Cajun Cup 2015

The 2015 Cajun Cup was my fourth time participating in this event. It was the first race of significant distance I ever trained for in 2012, and it's really where it all started for me. I LOVE running this race. This year was obviously a little different for me, and it was also my slowest Cajun Cup time. Even slower than the time I ran 9 miles to the start line during marathon training. It was however, a pregnant 10k PR, spin it sista!

I had concerns going into this race. Obvious things like logistically could I do this without stopping to use the bathroom? And other concerns that are physiological, like going into a race knowing full well, there ain't a snow ball's chance in hell I'm gonna PR. Adjusting my mentality has been really tough for me. Accepting what my body is capable of, in the physical fitness sense, has been challenging for me. At the end of the day, however, I am so grateful to be moving forward!

The day started out like any other race day, meet up with the group, discuss time, and strategies, who is pacing with who, what's the after-party plan cause there is always an after party with this group, pep talk out any worries or concerns, it's go time!

I knew I wanted to come in under 1:10:00 minutes, based on all my training times, I felt like this was a reasonable goal for myself. I ran a 5k a few weeks back and really surprised myself, however I was terrified to run out of gas out on the course, then need the bathroom, and well, be stuck on the road with one way back. I made myself start slow. It was tough. People were passing me like crayzay. It was all mental for me the first half of this race.

Mile 1 10:45

Great- I'm already moving faster than I planned. I hope I don't burn out. I really don't want to burn out. SLOW IT DOWN.

Mile 2 10:55

Ok much better. Only 4 to go. I feel amazing. Of course you feel amazing, it's mile 2. I will stay in control until the half way mark. I make it my goal to seek out my run buddy Darlene. She's ahead of me and I haven't seen her in a while. There she is! I let myself speed up to catch up to her

Mile 3 10:30

Hey gah! I've met up with Darlene and she is looking strong! I know what her pace goal is, and it's under mine. If I stick with her I'm gonna get it my goal for sure.

Mile 4 10:51

My average pace is somewhere around 10:44 at this point, and my competitive nature takes over. I wonder if I could average this thing in the 10:30s? I'm bargaining with myself and eventually, the over achiever in me takes over, it's just 2 miles. You can do anything for two miles

Mile 5 10:38

I'm still holding back up til mile 5. I've walked all the water stops. I've done all the smart things. I feel awesome. I want to finish strong! I dial it up for myself, and at about 5.5, I can't lie, I'm feeling tired, but my average pace is at 10:38. Don't let it go now Leigh Ann. Don't lose it with less than a half mile to go. I'm pepping talking myself every single step. I know I'm so close to the finish. And water. Man I am thirsty.

Mile 6 10:10

I'm getting winded and my head is screaming slow down, but it's the last quarter mile and I'm Elle Noel. There's the finish. I reach into my run belt to pull out my phone. My chapstick falls out to the ground. F it, I'm not stopping for chapstick. But then my phone falls out too. MY PACE!!!!!! Now I have to stop cause I'm not leaving my phone on the ground. UGH! 

ha ha- dropped all my shit!
I know it would have been under 1:07:00 start to finish if I hadn't been so clumsy. :)

Overall, I'm happy with my performance. Part of me is wishing I had paced out my race to 1:05:00. Part of me is wishing that I could have been in shape to PR. Part of me is sad this day is over, knowing I won't run any longer distances until next run season. I really love running. It taught me to look outside of myself and past fitness for vanity. It's given me an inner strength I couldn't have ever dreamed lived inside of me. It's given me confidence that I didn't know I needed, and that confidence transcended in all aspects of my life. It's going to be hard to sideline myself, and I know that day will come, and then I will have to start all over from scratch.

The biggest part of me is over joyed, because this day, and every day that passes, brings me one day closer to meeting my baby. Then I remember what is most important in my life, and right now, that's the little boy my body is making, and that in and of itself, it's an incredible accomplishment.

The future is exciting :)

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