Friday, October 23, 2015

Week in Review: TGIF

Good morning and Happy Fri- YAY!

It is not even cute how much I look forward to being lazy all weekend. Lazy lazy lazy sleepy lazy. This week I felt like I used all of my energy on Monday's excitement and I've felt a little drained from there on out. This week was tougher than last but I was able to get everything done! I definitely notice when the baby hits a little a growth spurt, I can feel my energy level get zapped. This is how our evenings went this week....

Hey Nick let's go lay down and watch a movie!
It's 7:00pm  Leigh Ann. No. Just no.

Thursday evening we started cleaning out the nursery. This is going to be a project. For clarification purposes, when I say we I mean Nick started cleaning out boxes while I pouted about eating tilapia and broccoli for dinner when I've been dreaming about lasagna. Pregnant problems.

The nursery is presently our junk room. The room that when we moved into our house, I put all the junk I didn't want to deal with. Then, I closed the door and walked away. That was a year and a half ago, so yeah , it's gonna be a lil project. I'll work on that room some more this weekend. I need to clean out, organize, and paint that room so that I can move onto fun things like shopping for our little Nugget.

I mentioned this 55 minute run/ incline walk routine I love in Wednesday's post. I've been following a lot of the same treadmill routines I favored pre-pregnancy with a reduction in speed. For the most part gym wise, I'm not having to make modifications. I do modify any ab work that requires me to be flat on my back, and my treadmill pace has generally been brought down 5 points from pre-pregnant pace. Example: that 55 minute walk/run routine. This routine is a favorite of mine. I do think it helped me pick up my overall pace, and I like it as an alternative to traditional cross training. mostly because I have ADD and the stationary bike makes me want to claw my eye balls out.

I'm still able to complete all of the walk inclines at 4.0. However, I have had to reduce all of the run sections by 5 points. Example: 6.5 is now 6.0, 7.0 is now 6.5. I extended the last run section to five minutes at 6.5. The distance wasn't too far off from the original, and most importantly I am still moving forward!

My little baby has really made its presence known in the last few days. It's more visible depending on what I'm wearing although I do feel like I can still camouflage my pregnancy most days. Here I am at 17 weeks. I don't feel like my belly looks so big in person, however, definitely wearing maternity pants this day.

Told ya'll I would step it up my game and start acting like a blogger. Boo ya! Here is the unedited version of that picture. Cause I love Nacho's expression. He definitely knows something is going on with me. Nola, however is totally clueless. There are squirrels to chase in the back yard.

WTF is going on here- Nacho status

Have a fabulous weekend party people!

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  1. First off, I miss the treadmill like crazy. (weird huh). I don't have a gym membership right now and my motivation is at an all time low. You are looking great love. Keep up those workouts!!