Friday, October 16, 2015

Week in Review & a little TGIF

First week back blogging and I gotta say, I am so pleased I decided to make time to blog again. Thanks to all of you!

I know I'm fighting a losing battle with this one, but for those of you commenting and not getting a response, it's because you are set to no-reply blogger, which means we can't interact. No beuno. My favorite part of blogging is the incredible connections it's afforded me to make with people I wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to meet! Click here for instructions to fix that problem.

I wake up on Friday mornings now pumped up about what I get to do for the next few days. It means I get to be lazy. I love sleeping, like LOVE sleeping, and binge watching Netflix these days. When is it time to go home and get on the couch? I am all over that.

In other news, my work outs this week have felt incredible. I almost feel like my old self. The stairs at work aren't making me winded anymore. I'm reaching the end of my runs and feeling like I can put up a little bit more. This week I found myself throwing in active rests between sets, and generally being able to give just a little bit more to my work outs, which is a goal I always have for myself. One more set, one more lap, give a little more mentality. Awesome week.  Thursday morning, I ran my two planned miles, and felt awesome then went for three. At negative splits. My last mile was in a 9, NINE! I was amazed. I didn't think I'd be able to do that again for a long long time. Going the "extra" mile hasn't been something I've had energy for lately. It felt so good to feel good. Even though it was slow for me. Sometimes I already feel intimidated by how fit I was. Like just four to five months ago. It's all relative. 

I hope I can continue to feel good through the Cajun Cup (10k), which is an annual race here in town that I haven't missed since I started running. That's my short term target. I'll update ya'll on my run plans, and training schedule next week.

In other news, I've been taking these wonky looking pregnancy progress pics, the kind where I'm staring at my phone and snapping pics to send my BFF. She doesn't care what I look like. Love her. I hadn't ever intended on sharing these anywhere but F it. I guess I'll have to get Nick to start taking "bump" pics. He's so excited about playing photographer! Right now, I feel like sometimes I have a bump nee: gut, sometimes there is nothing there, but most of the time I feel like I always look like I hit up the Chinese Buffet for lunch.Weird in-between place to be. 

10-12-14 weeks

16 Weeks

Next week, I will step up my blogger game with cutesy pics. Promise. Or I promise to try. Let's be real, I'll never be pinterst worthy 'round here, and guess what? I'm totally OK with that!

Oh and if you haven't subscribed to Lenny and read J Law this week, you are missing out. I will just leave this here. You're welcome.

Hope you all have a rocking weekend and best of luck to everyone racing this weekend! I hope you flyyyyy!!!!!

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  1. I had no clue I was a no-reply blogger... Thanks for the link to fix it ;) So glad you're starting to feel better, life is so much better when you're not queasy all stinking day!

  2. Glad you're back blogging :) LOVE LENNY!!

  3. I'm loving Lenny Letter but am a couple behind. Can't wait to read J Law!