Monday, October 12, 2015

Pregnancy FAQ

Good morning and Happy Monday!! As promised, here are pregnancy frequently asked questions I'm getting in my daily life. There's a few questions nearly everyone asks, and others are from the more curious types. I'm sure I'll keep getting lots of more questions as time progresses!

When did you find out?

We found out at the end of July at 4 weeks. I was fairly certain I was pregnant before I took the test. I had a few symptoms that all pointed to pregnant: Tender breasts, sensitive to smell, late...etc. I knew what was going on, but I needed the test to confirm my suspicions.

Who knows?

Everyone has wanted to know who they could talk to about my pregnancy. It's so sweet that people have been that excited for us. We didn't even tell our immediate family until after we'd had the first ultra sound and heard the heart beat at 8 weeks. Once our family and friends knew, I didn't really feel secretive about it, but I didn't want anyone close to me finding out from anyone other than me. 

How long were you trying?

We were incredibly fortunate. I got pregnant the second month we started actively "trying" 

When are you due?

April 1st

How did you tell your Mom? She must be so excited.

I didn't get to do a big surprise for my Mom. She found out around 6 weeks. She was on to me once I stopped drinking. After the third time I turned down wine with her, she gave me a look, and I knew she knew. I didn't really have to say anything, we both got all teary eyed. It was super sweet and special. And yes, she is SO excited.

How are you feeling?

From 6-10 weeks, I felt like shiiiittttt. I actually called a friend (with 3 kids) and asked her if she had felt like she was dying a slow death?? Was this normal?? I was always tired. I always felt like I was about to throw up. I tried to "keep eating little meals" but that didn't help. It felt like being constantly hung over with none of the fun stories. I had a few meltdowns, but eventually it did pass and now I feel great again! First trimester survival kit coming soon...

When will you know if it's a boy or a girl?

This one is tricky. Originally, I wanted a birth day surprise. Nick really wants to find out ahead of birth day. We shall see how this one plays out. Nothing has been decided as of today

Have you gained any weight?

No, I've actually been down 2 from 8 weeks to present. I had gained just shy of 10 pounds over the summer though. No time to lose that vacation weight tee hee. I'm trying really hard not to stress about my weight, plenty of time to worry about that later.

Any aversions?

Avocados and guacamole. I don't want anything to do with it. For awhile during the 6-10 week window I couldn't even stomach salads. I thought I was in big trouble but a taste for leafy greens has returned. Still a no go on the avocados though.


APPLES. I want all of the apples. Apple juice, apple sauce, apple pie, regular ole fresh crisp apples. I love appples. All kinds. I will not discriminate.

Are you still running?

Yes! It isn't very far or very fast, but I am moving! This topic will get it's own post

I think that about covers most of the FAQs. Hope you have a great start to your week and happy Monday!

Weekly Fitness Goals:

Leg Day

3 Miles

40 Minutes Cross training

2 Miles (round out with incline walk to 30 minutes)

60 Minutes Cross Training

5 Miles


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  1. First trimester sucks big ones, I'm so glad you're feeling better!

  2. Glad you are starting to feel better!! The 1st tri is a rough one I agree...I remember having to pull over in the car driving to work hurling on the side of the road...getting to work and hurling in my garbage can (trying to be quiet as no one knew!) Here is to the rest of the ride feeling much better!! Congrats! Such an exciting time :-}

  3. Holy cow look at those miles!! I hate that I have stopped running. I did intervals over the weekend and that is as much as I could push it. I 100% on the avocado and guacamole tastes like metal! Hope you are feeling better every day!