Monday, October 26, 2015

Maddies Foot Prints 5k & Weekly Goals

It's Monday, and I am coming off of a great weekend. We didn't do much and that's just how I like it these days. Friday I cleaned my entire house top to bottom and was in bed for 7:30pm. That's gotta be some kind of new record. Felt amazing.

Saturday morning, Nick and I both ran Maddies Footprints 5k. This event especially reminds me  how fortunate I am to have made it this far in my pregnancy without any complications. I don't want to get too emotional so let's focus on the funny bits. Nick promised to run the whole way with me, even though I kept telling him to leave me and run at his own pace. He wouldn't leave me out on that long 5k road by myself, sarcasm he stayed with me the whole race. He ran backwards, he ran ahead then ran in place until I caught up, he politiced. 

Side note- Policticing is when you talk to everyone, literally everyone, even when it's inconvenient and possibly inappropriate. Nick really loves to politic. Hi, I'm Nick, vote for me! 

Meanwhile, I focused on not peeing my pants while breathing like a mule. Nick even even took a phone call!  Say Hi Leigh Ann! *Hiiiiii*

 Enjoy it while it lasts buddy, I won't be pregnant forever. At mile 2.74 he stopped to tie his shoe, who does that on race day? And I picked up my pace and left him there tying his shoe in the middle of the road, consequently, beating his cocky ass. Victory was sweet for me that day.

Don't feel too bad for Nick, he got an icee after the race which was all he'd been craving in life.

I'm a little nervous about running the 10k in a few weeks, mostly because the bathroom issue is a reoccurring problem for me, and there are no port a pottys at this 10k.  I keep telling myself everything is different on race day. I'm getting more sore after my work outs than I would ordinarily. It almost feels like it did when I first started running and my body was adjusting to mileage. Just three more weeks till the 10k race. Gotta stay strong til then!

Sunday it rained all day. This was also my calorie free day I had been looking forward to for awhile now. I had blue berry waffles with bacon for breakfast AND lasagna for dinner. 

We watched the Saints win, we napped. We did a little work in the nursery. We lit a fire for the first time this year. 

I just like this pic of Nacho watching football from *his* chair

We also ran the ac before bed. *pregnant* It was basically best day ever status.

Great weekends like this always make me feel prepared to tackle Monday. Looking forward to a great week!

Weekly Goals:

Leg Day

40 Minutes Cross Training & Strength

3 Mile Run

2 Mile Run, Round out to 30 Minute incline walk

60 Minutes Cross Training

6 Miles


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  1. So I just started back running today, trying to add on to my workouts! Any tips so I don't get shin splints? Any tips would help this non runner. ;)

  2. Just learned a new word. Thanks girl! l have been dealing with the need to pee constantly as well. I quickly realized that I really don't need to run to the restroom but just have to deal with being uncomfortable since it is just baby pressing on my bladder. I can only make it another 30 minutes or so just because it is so uncomfortable.