Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello my Chickadee

Good morning and Happy Friday!! Below is a post I wrote the day I found out I was expecting baby Noel. It's really cheesy, because, pregnant, however, it's a post I've wanted to share for awhile now. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!


Hello little chickee. I just found out (less than 8 hours ago) you'll make your way into the world next spring. You've already buried yourself so deep into my heart it's difficult for me to process. I know I'll only love you more each passing day from here on out. I find the though both exhilarating and terrifying.

Your Dad is equal parts excited and terrified. He's afraid of how drastically life is going to change when you join us, but not to worry. He will be the most incredible father. He doesn't realize it himself yet, but I've always seen it in him. He is caring, considerate, kind, incredibly bright, ridiculously hard working, and uncommonly generous. You are already blessed beyond measure to be his child.

I thought I'd seen a unicorn in the bathroom this morning, the positive pregnancy test. Two little pink lines that would change our lives forever. I wasn't sure we'd ever be blessed with you, God's most precious gift. I squealed with delight. I cried happy tears. Your Dad and I hugged. We were stunned. We made a new person. I'm truly amazed at what love can create.

Presently, I'm working to keep this secret, you, close to the chest. I'm so happy I could burst. I want to tell anyone who will listen about you. I want to tell them how happy we are. How blessed to be expecting you.

I don't care if you are a boy or a girl. I only want to hold a big healthy baby in my arms come April.

For now, I'll do my absolute best to make sure you have the very best start in life. I love you beyond measure, that's a fact you will never doubt.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall 2015 Playlist + Current HIIT Favorite

It's no secret that I love my gym music. I really like music in general, but I can not put in a  work out without it my ear phones in, volume turnt up. I'm constantly looking for ways to grow my musical library as I find I burn through music pretty quickly, especially during long run season, which won't be a problem for me this year! In my experience, the best way to find new tunes is to share what you got! Here is my go to Fall 2015 playlist:

Runnin' (Lose It All) [feat. Beyonce & Arrow Bejamin] Naughty Boy
Easy Love Singala
Ex's & Oh's Elle King
On My Mind Ellie Goulding
Lay It All on Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) Rudimental
Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh) Rich Homie Quan
I Don't Like It, I Love It (feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White) Flo Rida
Shots Imagine Dragons
Starlight Flux Pavilion
Static Colette Carr
Love Myself Hailee Steinfield
Here Alessia Cara
Black Magic Little Mix
You Know You Like It DJ Snake & Lil John
How I Want Ya (feat.. Dev) Thames
Dirt Work Austin Mahone
What Do You Mean? Justin Bieber
Lost and Found Ellie Goulding
Hotline Bling Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem
Sorry Justin Bieber
Levels Nick Jonas
Working for It ZHU x Skrillex x THEY

What are your go to power songs of the moment?

I've been pretty lazy about putting together my own work outs lately, however I'm trying to keep one day a HIIT day, and for that work out I rely heavily on Pinterest. Right now, this one is a fav as I can adjust the intensity based on how my chickee is making me feel that day. I feel really strong, and I am enjoying it! Not pre-pregnancy strong, but strong. I find myself fantasizing about killing a sub two half, and crossing the marathon finish in 2017. Yes already. 

Hope you're having a great week, we're half way there!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Maddies Foot Prints 5k & Weekly Goals

It's Monday, and I am coming off of a great weekend. We didn't do much and that's just how I like it these days. Friday I cleaned my entire house top to bottom and was in bed for 7:30pm. That's gotta be some kind of new record. Felt amazing.

Saturday morning, Nick and I both ran Maddies Footprints 5k. This event especially reminds me  how fortunate I am to have made it this far in my pregnancy without any complications. I don't want to get too emotional so let's focus on the funny bits. Nick promised to run the whole way with me, even though I kept telling him to leave me and run at his own pace. He wouldn't leave me out on that long 5k road by myself, sarcasm he stayed with me the whole race. He ran backwards, he ran ahead then ran in place until I caught up, he politiced. 

Side note- Policticing is when you talk to everyone, literally everyone, even when it's inconvenient and possibly inappropriate. Nick really loves to politic. Hi, I'm Nick, vote for me! 

Meanwhile, I focused on not peeing my pants while breathing like a mule. Nick even even took a phone call!  Say Hi Leigh Ann! *Hiiiiii*

 Enjoy it while it lasts buddy, I won't be pregnant forever. At mile 2.74 he stopped to tie his shoe, who does that on race day? And I picked up my pace and left him there tying his shoe in the middle of the road, consequently, beating his cocky ass. Victory was sweet for me that day.

Don't feel too bad for Nick, he got an icee after the race which was all he'd been craving in life.

I'm a little nervous about running the 10k in a few weeks, mostly because the bathroom issue is a reoccurring problem for me, and there are no port a pottys at this 10k.  I keep telling myself everything is different on race day. I'm getting more sore after my work outs than I would ordinarily. It almost feels like it did when I first started running and my body was adjusting to mileage. Just three more weeks till the 10k race. Gotta stay strong til then!

Sunday it rained all day. This was also my calorie free day I had been looking forward to for awhile now. I had blue berry waffles with bacon for breakfast AND lasagna for dinner. 

We watched the Saints win, we napped. We did a little work in the nursery. We lit a fire for the first time this year. 

I just like this pic of Nacho watching football from *his* chair

We also ran the ac before bed. *pregnant* It was basically best day ever status.

Great weekends like this always make me feel prepared to tackle Monday. Looking forward to a great week!

Weekly Goals:

Leg Day

40 Minutes Cross Training & Strength

3 Mile Run

2 Mile Run, Round out to 30 Minute incline walk

60 Minutes Cross Training

6 Miles


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Friday, October 23, 2015

Week in Review: TGIF

Good morning and Happy Fri- YAY!

It is not even cute how much I look forward to being lazy all weekend. Lazy lazy lazy sleepy lazy. This week I felt like I used all of my energy on Monday's excitement and I've felt a little drained from there on out. This week was tougher than last but I was able to get everything done! I definitely notice when the baby hits a little a growth spurt, I can feel my energy level get zapped. This is how our evenings went this week....

Hey Nick let's go lay down and watch a movie!
It's 7:00pm  Leigh Ann. No. Just no.

Thursday evening we started cleaning out the nursery. This is going to be a project. For clarification purposes, when I say we I mean Nick started cleaning out boxes while I pouted about eating tilapia and broccoli for dinner when I've been dreaming about lasagna. Pregnant problems.

The nursery is presently our junk room. The room that when we moved into our house, I put all the junk I didn't want to deal with. Then, I closed the door and walked away. That was a year and a half ago, so yeah , it's gonna be a lil project. I'll work on that room some more this weekend. I need to clean out, organize, and paint that room so that I can move onto fun things like shopping for our little Nugget.

I mentioned this 55 minute run/ incline walk routine I love in Wednesday's post. I've been following a lot of the same treadmill routines I favored pre-pregnancy with a reduction in speed. For the most part gym wise, I'm not having to make modifications. I do modify any ab work that requires me to be flat on my back, and my treadmill pace has generally been brought down 5 points from pre-pregnant pace. Example: that 55 minute walk/run routine. This routine is a favorite of mine. I do think it helped me pick up my overall pace, and I like it as an alternative to traditional cross training. mostly because I have ADD and the stationary bike makes me want to claw my eye balls out.

I'm still able to complete all of the walk inclines at 4.0. However, I have had to reduce all of the run sections by 5 points. Example: 6.5 is now 6.0, 7.0 is now 6.5. I extended the last run section to five minutes at 6.5. The distance wasn't too far off from the original, and most importantly I am still moving forward!

My little baby has really made its presence known in the last few days. It's more visible depending on what I'm wearing although I do feel like I can still camouflage my pregnancy most days. Here I am at 17 weeks. I don't feel like my belly looks so big in person, however, definitely wearing maternity pants this day.

Told ya'll I would step it up my game and start acting like a blogger. Boo ya! Here is the unedited version of that picture. Cause I love Nacho's expression. He definitely knows something is going on with me. Nola, however is totally clueless. There are squirrels to chase in the back yard.

WTF is going on here- Nacho status

Have a fabulous weekend party people!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pregnant Running: 1st Trimester Edition

Before I actually became pregnant,  I figured that  I would trot along with my running and, yeah, it would be more challenging than it is ordinarily, but generally speaking, I probably wouldn't notice that much of a difference.

I was in for a rude awakening, and a few surprises. I found out about my pregnancy pretty early on, at 4 weeks. I continued my usual routine, I was even forgoing my rest day and putting in a Sunday run. My take it easy go to walk-incline 55 minute walk/run routine. I can't believe that used to be easy.

For a few weeks, it's true, I didn't notice much of a difference. I thought maybe I would be one of those ridiculously lucky symptom-less women. It was not to be. Between weeks 6-7 the endurance drop off came. It was swift, steep, and  humbling. Girl you WILL slow down. During this time it was August. The humidity and heat were killer. I could only run one mile without needing to walk for water. Just one mile at a time. I could not get enough water. 

Here I was a girl who would take off on 7-8 mile runs with no fuel or water and just wing it! *You're not supposed to do that FYI. No matter how fit you are. Rules were made to be broken! Here I was that girl, and I was running one mile and needing a walk/water break. I can remember taking the four, just four, flights of stairs up to my office, and having to collect myself outside of the door when I reached the landing. Straight winded.

It was a really humbling experience. On top of being winded, I constantly felt tired. How did people really do this fit pregnancy thing? I was feeling pretty discouraged with my half-ass work outs and general lack of motivation BUT I had seen enough women continue their fitness routine to know it is possible to continue. 

My run pace dropped significantly. To about 10:45-11:00 minutes a mile which is very slow for me. 

I was having a really hard time being nice to myself when out on the road. I was having a really hard time being nice to myself at the gym too.  Push ups were harder. Planks were harder. Weight lifting was harder. Everything was just harder. How is this even possible I'm not even in double digit weeks yet????

Eventually, I decided to turn off my pace and set myself free. I wasn't going to be running in a 9 minute mile again any time soon, so no point in beating myself up every single day, Best decision I could have made, but I still felt directionless. I had nothing to train for, I wasn't trying to lose weight. It was rough to stay motivated when you feel like Oscar the Grouch in a trash can. 

During this time, I leaned on my most tried and true motivation tools. 

1. Lay out your gear the night before 

2. Promise someone you will be there

3. Set a goal

My present goal is to run the Cajun Cup 10K. I pulled out Hal Higdon's novice 10K training plan and set to work. I like the mileage in this plan, and the cross training goal. I have not stopped my regular lifting routine. I did keep my five mile base distance up throughout this time. I felt it was important for me to maintain a five mile base if I  had a hope of running the 10k in under 6 hours. Drama lama says heyyyy!  I'll be 20 weeks and some change on race day.

I missed one work out during the first trimester. It was probably my worst day pregnancy wise, and I don't regret just skipping that work out. I listened to my body. If I needed to walk. I walked. If I needed water, I drank me some water. If I needed to go slow, I went slow. If I needed to use the bathroom, I used a vacant port-a-potty. No shame. 

One day I made myself go to the gym with the sole purpose being that I could eat mashed potatoes for dinner. The whole time I was on the treadmill, I was thinking about those mashed potatoes I was going to go home and make. None of that cauliflower shit. I want potatoes. I finished my work out. Then I went home and peeled and entire bag of potatoes. I made enough mashed potatoes for my entire extended family to eat for Thanksgiving dinner and they. were. DELICIOUS. Picture worthy even!

9/1/15 - No I didn't eat them all in one sitting.
Being forced to slow down has made me appreciate other things. 

One: I'm thankful that I am moving, and generally speaking, this has been an easy pregnancy thus far. 

Two: when I am moving quickly again, I will appreciate it so much more.

Three: people put a lot of effort into their landscaping and specialty mail boxes. Someone has to admire these things. Why can't I be that person?

*PSA- things got much easier after week 11. As in I almost feel like myself again easier. Keep at it!*

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