Monday, December 15, 2014

Cajun Country Half Marathon 2014

Hello friends :) I can say that with confidence knowing anyone who may read this post today is doing so because you're on the list.

 Yep,  I made my blog private. Parts of blogging were making me feel incredibly vulnerable, and it was just one of those times I just had to do what was best for me, and be more selective about what I share publicly.

Any who, I'm writing today because I have to have to do a race recap of my fifth half marathon! Fifth! Sometimes I forget that haven't always been doing this little running thing. That I've only been at it a few years. It kinda feels like what I do at this point, an important part of my routine. 

We had an incredibly busy fall, and race training hasn't exactly been my number one priority. I decided to bow out of my originally planned half the weekend of December 6th, so that I could attend my company Christmas party on Friday nigh and enjoy myself. While I did train for that race, I pushed myself back into the half distance pretty quickly post Cajun Cup in November. I was definitely feeling under prepared. 

Nonetheless, I found out about The Cajun Country half marathon taking place in town, the next week, it was a reasonable sign up fee, participants who ran Cajun Cup (10k), Cajun Country (5k, 10k, or half), and Zydeco (half or marathon) races would receive Les Courir des Cadians (an extra medal)

Wouldn't you get out of bed for an extra medal?!

 I couldn't find an excuse not to run the half, so I registered! I'd only run 11 miles previous to the race, bath room issues on my 12 mile run had me tapping out after a 15k, insert more excuses. My long run training wasn't where it should have been. I knew I would finish the race, but I didn't know if I'd do remotely well. 

I don't know if I've ever felt so unprepared for a race. I didn't make a playlist, I had to dig through an old purse to find fuel, because I hadn't been doing that correctly either, sheesh, in fact I got so distracted I almost left my phone behind altogether. Cr cr cr crisis!!!!!

Eventually, the hot mess express choo chooed on over to the race. I met up with Stephanie at the start, and we readied ourselves for this half! There weren't going to be very many of us, maybe 150-200 running the half. Unlike any race I'd ever done before.There was no crowded start, plenty of room for everyone. And we are off!

Mile One: 9:49

Don't be dumb Leigh Ann. Start slow. All I'm thinking about on repeat. It's a long run. Long, long run.

Mile Two: 9:53

Oh this is going to be a long race. I'm so under prepared. I could still be in bed cuddling with my family.

Mile Three: 9:47

I'm glad I woke up! I love running! Look at this glorious day the Lord hath made! Only a ten mile run to go! The race is small, and there's a group of about four of us sticking together at a similar pace. I feel awkward not introducing myself, time to break the ice...

Mile Four: 9:56

I've made a friend. Hi Erica! Things are looking up! Erica has a pace plan! Alright gah, I'm following your lead! Erica wants to hand around a ten minute mile until mile 7 then dial it up to a 9:30. Perfect!

Mile Five: 10:08

I'm enjoying the company, the scenery, my playlist from the Cajun Cup, the miles are ticking by, and the running is easy!

Mile Six: 9:43

Erica wants to know if I'm ready to dial it up? I was born ready!

Mile Seven 9:08

I feel a-mazing. I've made it my goal to pass the group in front of us, and I am off!

Mile Eight: 9:33

Feeling fine! Ready to bring this thing on home!

Mile Nine: 9:49

I've passed two groups in front of me, feeling great!

Mile Ten: 9:49

I'm approaching an overpass. As in an overpass over the interstate. Like a man made mountain in the south. These people got jokes 

Mile Eleven: 9:52

Feeling like I only trained to 11 miles. Haha. The overpass has killed my pace and my legs are screaming. That's ok gah, you out here doing it. Almost done!

Mile Twelve: 9:58

I'm going to finish. I've passed a lot of people at this point. (If I see you, I talk to you) Everyone is joking about the over pass, it was killer. Stay strong! We're almost done!

Mile Thirteen: 10:10

My phone dies. I know I'm almost done. Where you at finish line. A cop tells me it's just on the other side of *points* that hill. SOB, ok here we go!

There it is! The finish! 
Finishing the half (small race finished in a parking lot)
This race was very small, and liked it for the same reasons I disliked it. I know running those hills, the man made kind and the nature made kind, will make me stronger throughout the season. My legs were on fire, though cardiovascularly I felt amaze.

This race was a different experience, and I had great time with my Sole Sisters at the finish line! (There was also a 5k, & 10K, trail race) I would absolutely participate in this event again. It was easy to find people post race, and I enjoyed visiting with the girls! I was also able to find Erica and thank her for the company. What a great day!

I couldn't decide what to do with my hands. I'm hiding a bud light behind my back

Cajun Country time just shy of the finish

Thanks for reading here, our numbers a few!

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