Monday, November 17, 2014

Working off the Weekend Carbload

Jessica and Nathan's wedding weekend was a resounding success, an outrageously fun time, a celebration we won't be forgetting. Note- this post is not the recap.

 Friday was an action packed day from start to finish. I started the day with a 5:30am wake up call immediately followed with a cold ten mile run, and wrapped it up at midnight with a champagne buzz. Funny thing is I literally never even had time to feel tired. We just kept going. Story of my life.

 I was surprised at my long run endurance.  Especially since I ran four days in a row without a cross training day. This is the furthest I've run since the spring, as I skipped over the 9 mile half training run to get myself ready for the half on December 6th. I think it's the cold weather putting a pep in my step. That and Danielle ran the last 3.5 miles with me, company makes the run so much better!

Saturday began at 6:30am, and I honestly don't remember what time sleepy time came sometime on Sunday morning. I literally ate cake in my pajamas all day Sunday. All day. It was amazing.

I ate pasta at least five times throughout the weekend which is greater than the sum of my 2014 pasta intake to date, I'm wearing stretchy pants at work. I ate more cake than should be admitted, and all of the champagne. I thought about totaling up exactly how many champagne bottles we made it through during the weekend but some things in life are better left a mystery. I regret nothing.

I'll recap the wedding soon. Of course I've got like four pictures to support my stories, but I know the photographers got some great ones. Recap soon!

Here's what I'm going to do to all those carbs I loaded up on this week:


3 Mile Run & Strength

5 Mile Run & Strength

3 Mile Run & Strength

Cross Train & Strength

11 Mile Run


How was your weekend?
What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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