Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where does your music come from?

Anytime I see someone exercising in any capacity without music, I think to myself Now that's a super power. I literally can not do it. Unless, I have someone to talk to, and if I'm able to carry on a conversation, I'm not working hard enough. Unless it's on the long run, then I try to spend at least the first half running my yap a little bit, helps me pace. 

Generally speaking though, gotta have the tunes.

This time of year especially, when I'm logging serious mileage, I burn through music at an alarming rate. I need to fill in the space with new power songs weekly.  I'd be lying if I said Nick never comments on my increasing music consumption as I download music from iTunes. AKA pay for every single song. Basically, I'm locked into an iPhone for the foreseeable future.

True confessions, my music consumption is not limited to running tunes in large volume. I have to have tunes at my desk, in the car, at home when I'm cleaning, when I have a dance party for one. Don't play like you don't do that. Thankfully or regrettably I have a 64G iPhone so there is no slowing down my desire to consume all of the music.

It's a pricey little habit, and damn you Taylor Swift with all of your catchy new tunes a la 1989. I have no idea why I'm playing onesey twosey with those downloads. You know you'll end up with the whole album. 

Prior to iTunes, I never purchased music this way. Remember those old things we used to have to buy? Compact something?

My question for you, are you an iTunes addict? Pandora? Spotify? How do you get your fix?

Also- our family pictures are in, sneaky peak below which means Elle Noel is finally getting her a little face lift thanks to Erin! I'm ready to get this blog rolling into its next chapter...

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  1. I started using Spotify a couple of months ago and I love it! I was hesitant to jump on board because I didn't want to use up all my data, but then I found out you can essentially save songs/albums/playlists/whatever so that they're available without connecting to your network (so...pretty much just like having them on your phone). I only started using it because my husband got an account and I bum off his...should probably get my own one of these days ;)

  2. I used to have Spotify Premium and I LOVED it! $10/month and once you listen to a song all the way through, it gets stored to your phone. So you can play music at home using wireless, and then when you go running, no need to use up your data, as you've already got it on your phone! I just cancelled it because living in a more expensive city had me taking a look a the ol' budget and cutting some costs (yes, even $10/month - every little bit counts!). Now I use Pandora at the gym, which has free wifi so I don't have to use any data :) For outside runs, I am busting out the ol' ipod which my hip brother has loaded up from his itunes library!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. I can NOT workout without music. That's a lie because a few weeks ago I ran 2 miles without it (my phone was dying) and it was pretty terrible lol. Thank god it was only about 20 minutes. I see people running without music all the time and I'm always like HOW? WHY!?

  4. My husband and I use iTunes and have almost 1500 songs! Yikes. We use Pandora when running and like another gal said our gym has free wifi so it doesn't eat up data. Have you heard of Sonos speakers?? I thought my husband was crazy when he told me he wanted to buy a $300 speaker for our house but it was well worth it! The sound is amazing and it is so loud. It is wireless so we can play Pandora through it without getting off the couch!

  5. I discovered a UK site that sells music a few years ago: The music is WAY cheaper than itunes (like $2 for Taylor Swift's whole album)...I"m not sure why. (And maybe don't want to know???) Anyway, you have to buy credits and then it saves them and you use them until it runs out. Just a warning, I always get a call from my cc company about the purchase because it's a UK site.

  6. I'm all about pandora! I use my phone so I'm good for cardio workouts as long as they are on the treadmill or elliptical but anything else I have to go without music or listen to what the gym is playing.....guess I should invest in an ipod!

  7. Not for downloading really but check out the site run hundred for great workout music recommendations with bpm included too!

  8. I am the Pandora queen! Although I have started downloading some tunes for my half marathon in Dec. I used to not be able to do any workout without tunes. Then I ran a freaking half marathon without it! Except there was live music on the course so I guess it wasn't totally sans tunes. I think my problem is I'm cheap and have the cheap iPhone. It is too full of pictures to even update it and who has time to delete a bunch of photos?? lol