Wednesday, November 26, 2014

POTM Check In + Puppy Run Updates

Oh lookie there, a week and half went by and not one single post from me. I got 99 excuses but a run ain't one!

I have been straight nailing my work outs lately. I feel a-maz-ing. Amazing! I can feel my endurance picking up a little more than a week out from my first half of the season, Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon. It's really incredible how naturally distance running comes after a few years experience. In the beginning, I couldn't have imagined jumping up in distance and mileage so quickly, and without injury. Knock on wood. Also, marathon training will do crazy wonky things to your perception of a long run.

I pledged to pile on 100 miles instead of the pounds in November. I have succeeded. Or I will have succeeded after my Thursday morning Turkey Trot. More on that in a second. I haven't gained or lost any weight in November, and I really piled on those miles. I should finish up the month Saturday at 111 miles. 11 is my lucky number, what's up holler!

I have been having major technology issues. My phone keeps dying on me during my runs. My mophie has kicked the bucket, and I don't want to buy another. I really want a new phone, holding out until after Christmas. It's a blessing and a curse, however, these gadgets I can't rely on. On one hand, when my phone kicks the bucket, it takes some pressure off. I can just enjoy the simple pleasure of my feet hitting the ground and the air rushing in and out of my chest. I don't have to worry about pace, or how this song or that song would be more fun to run to. I can just run. Ya know, the way people used to run before we had all of this stuff.

Weekly Work Out Goals


5 Mile Run

6 Mile Run

Shreveport Turkey Trot with  family

Cross Training & Strength

12 Mile Run


The baby dogs and I have been doing two runs a week together, Tuesday and Thursday shorter runs. Nick thinks the running is why they are showing me overt favoritism as of late. 

Cuddles while we watched our Saints lose (NOLA loves to watch TV)
These little dogs love to run. Love it. When I put on my run gear and snap on my SPI Belt they could lose it with the barking and wiggles. They are both steadily improving with their commands such as heel and leave it. Neither dog is running further than 3 miles at a time presently. I can't take them both out together at the same time. They can and will over power me. 

Right now I have a 1.75 mile loop, 2.25 mile loop, and a 3.25 mile loop I run them on. I run the loop once (distance varying) switch out the puppy, and run another loop with the second. It seems to be working well for all of us at present, and makes the time fly by for me! I don't want to push them too far in distance too fast, although I swear Nacho could go all day. I'll probably keep them hanging out around this distance through at least the first of the year.

December Goals! Blog more consistently, iron out a marathon training plan am I doing that again?!, smile more, worry less, work harder- in all aspects.

What are your December goals?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Thanks for reading my inconsistent beeble babble here. It gives me good juju, thanks to you!

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  1. Your puppies are the cutest! Those faces!
    You are seriously inspiring me to try running with my dog. He's 2 1/2 and I tried running with him when he was younger but it just did not work. I'm thinking about trying again with him, maybe stopping by the house at the end of the run to pick him up and take him, starting with a half mile or so and working up from there. I think he could be a good runner (he LOVES to run!), he just needs a little training, like we all do! ;)

  2. Love the pups and that they run with you! I know I say it all the time, but I'm amazed by your running ability haha