Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jessica's Bridal Shower

Over the weekend, Danielle and I hosted Jessica's last stop until her wedding day, her Bridal Shower!

The Final Countdown!
D and I with the Bride
When it comes to these events, making sure people are well feed and entertained is everything. Our Momma's taught us well! We served, petite quiche, asparagus wrapped in phyllo dough, fruit cocktail, crab dip, cream cheese with red pepper jelly, an assortment of vegetables, a side of left over Halloween candy why did why buy so much, one gorgeous cupcake cake, fruit infused water, and a champagne cocktail, because it's not a celebration without some bubbly.

D and I with our spread
The Blushing Bride was a hit! Thanks Pinterest
Lafayette Ladies- Cake is from Cookie Express. Delicious, cost effective, plus they delivered!
Entertainment included but not limited to: wedding advice from each guest. Jessica read everyone's advice out loud and we all had a few laughs, and some awww moments. My favorite bit of marriage advice from the jar was quite simple Be patient, love grows. We also played a game of How Well do you know the Bride? Complete with a little gift. 

I'd say the party was a success! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, there was hardly any food leftover much to Nick's disappointment, and the champagne went. Shocker. Here's a few more pictures from the party. Tomorrow I'll share my Cajun Cup playlist. I need to be doing lots of running after this weekend ;) Feels like I'm running to eat these days but hey, Life's short, eat some cake  

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  1. What a beautiful shower! That food sounds it lunch-thirty yet??

  2. Beautiful!! Love the nail polishes as thank yous!

  3. yall did a great job!! Love the nail polish idea!