Friday, November 7, 2014

Cajun Cup Playlist 2014

The first race of the season, is easily my favorite. Tomorrow I will participate in my 3rd Cajun Cup , 10K. This year they even have a medal! If that's not motivation to get out of bed, then you aren't living!

The Cajun Cup is special to me as it's the first race I ever trained for, it's where I discovered a passion for running. I'm forever grateful. You can read about that experience in 2012 here. Fast forward one year to 2013, I was training for the marathon. I ran 9 miles to start line. It seems crazy in retrospect, but at the time totally logical. Marathon magic.

This year, I'm going to run my best Cajun Cup time to date. Yep. I'm gonna do it. Shouldn't be too challenging honestly. The first year, 2012, I had no clue how to pace myself during a race. I had to get some experience under my pins. I came out way too fast in the first two miles, then the wheels came off. Tough lesson to learn. Last year, I was pacing myself for marathon training, so I obviously didn't run it as fast as I could have. I'm not saying I'm going to 10k PR (although I MAY and I certainly will TRY), but I AM going to Cajun Cup PR. Most importantly, I'm going to have fun doing it!

The key to any great time is a killer playlist. Here's mine!

Animals- Maroon 5
Maps- Maroon 5
All You (feat. Wack Flocka Flame & Kaskade) The Cataracs
Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
Out of the Woods- Taylor Swfit
Waves (feat. Robin Schulz Radio Edit) Mr. Probz
Dangerous (feat. Sam Martin)- David Guetta
Love Runs Out- OneRepublic
Let the Rain- Sara Bareilles
Habits (Stay High) - Tove Love
Ghost- Ella Henderson
Take Me to Church- Hozier
Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha)- Cash Cash
Rather Be (feat, Jess Glynne)- Clean Bandit
Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce
Boom Clap (Areoplane Remix)- Charli XCX
Church (feat. Teddy Verseti)- T-Pain
Break Free (feat. Zedd)- Ariana Grande
I Will Never Let You Down- Rita Ora

Will I need all that music? Probably not, but I like to have some power songs in my arsenal in case I need a pep talk in a real way during that last mile. Ya know the longest one.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!

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  1. I love your playlist posts :) Youre going to kill it!! Question for you - so, my husband and I argue about this - how do you get your music? Do you purchase it on itunes? I just got an iphone and I lost everything on my samsung galaxy...heartbreaking because I had the best running playlist ever :( TIA!!! Good luck!!!

  2. I LOVE Hozier! I just discovered him and I am obsessed!