Monday, November 10, 2014

Cajun Cup 2014 ReCap

Another great year for the Cajun Cup is in the books! I like having annual races to look forward to, and this is one that will surly remain on my annual calendar for the foreseeable future.  I love racing with friends, and running into (literally) so many familiar face along the way! 

2014 Cajun Cup Swag
My goal this year was to start slow, finish strong, and put up my best Cajun Cup time to date.  While I did all of those things, I had hoped for a better time. I think I have mental block in regards to getting myself into that 8 minute mile average pace at greater than a 5k distance. Subconsciously, I'm stuck thinking "you run in a 9" and I'm scared to push outwards. Anywho, I definitely think I could have done better time-wise, but overall I'm pleased.  Something to work towards this run season and overcome that mental road block.

My race went like this: First half- have fun, second half, girl you better work.

Mile 1: 9:35

Mile 2: 9:24

Got lapped by Santa in dread locks. The humiliation!

Mile 3: 9:05

Mile 4: 9:34

Mile 5: 9:16

Mile 6: 9:01

Overall, it was a fantastic race. Plenty of water stops, no bathroom issues (praise J), and several cheering sections! We had wonderful run weather, and I had blast running with the Sole Sistas!

Kat and I at the finish!
After the race, I headed out to New Orleans with the girls for Danielle's birthday dinner! I'm such a bad blogger. Here's the only pic from our evening out. D an I took a selfie to text to my Mom. Ya, we're cooler than you.

How was your weekend? 
If you ran, how was your race?!

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  1. Nice job! I totally know what you mean about that sub-9 mental road block. I just recently pushed though it myself after being stuck in the 9's for what felt like forever. I think speedwork helped the most because it helped me get used to see a 7 or 8 pace on my watch without freaking out!

  2. Way to go girl! 10k is my favorite distance and wish I could find more around here!! I am still running vicariously through others so thanks for running fast and having a good race for me ;)

  3. I switched it up and cheered on a race instead of running it. I got in my 12 mile training run, grabbed some coffee, and made my way to mile 6 of a 10k to cheer runners on. It was a BLAST!!! I highly recommend cheering on folks every once and a while, even if you have to sacrifice a little pride and act a fool standing on the side of the road by yourself :)