Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wardrobe Envy: Ginger Zee

At my house we don't go a morning without Good Morning America. It goes like this, wake up, brush your teeth, take your vitamins, turn on GMA.

 I like for it to play when I'm getting dressed for work. I love their commentary and I really really really (times ten) like to see what the girls are wearing. A favorite for me is Meteorologist Ginger Zee.  She is such a little lady and she's always letting me know that no matter how hot and humid I think it is outside, somewhere in the US someone else has it way worse than we do.

Seriously how are more people not talking about this fabulous girl?

This morning, she was looking tres chic as per usual, and I thought "man I gotta get my hands on that dress!" I love how she keeps it young and youthful but modest and lady like in simplicity.

Ginger this AM in a dress by Theroy
Turns out Ginger shares her OOTD over on her Pinterest which you can find here. While I definitely can't afford a shift dress in the $300-$500 range (LOLZ, lol, LOLs) she is someone I look to emulate. Questions I have for Ginger, puhlease send me you work out routine, and are you on MFP because GF you are doing something right!

Whose fashion are you creepin on?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Kalinda on The Good Wife... I LOVE her style

  2. Oh my gosh I TOTALLY watch GMA in the morning for outfit inspiration from lara!

  3. Yasi from! She is always so put together and the things she wears are at great price points!!

  4. I love GMA too and have a girl-crush on Ginger! I follow her on insta too - ginger_zee. She is also a crazy dog lady :) All the ladies on GMA always look awesome! I do miss Sam and Josh's bromance though. I also creep on my of my real-life friend's fashion (which she knows about) but I would say she's more boho chic. That's typically the look I got for when I'm not in the office.

    1. I miss Sam and Josh too! Their bromance was the best!

  5. Dude I love Ginger Zee! She is always dressed so sassy but classy!

  6. I love everything Olivia Pope wears on Scandal! Makes me want to dress just like her and start kicking ass and taking names.

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  8. Had to delete previous post because I left out a word, and I couldn't just let it be.

    I'm a Today show watcher, and I love seeing what Natalie Morales wears...I think she has similar style to your girl, Ginger.

    I do what I want.

  9. Now I have a new fashion account to follow on pinterest. LOVE her outfits!! I have a huge crush on Lara Spencer's hair.. if that is possible :)

  10. Team Ginger Zee!! I love her clothes!! And her shoes. And her hair. And her legs. And her flawless spray tans... *sigh*