Thursday, October 23, 2014

Speed Training: A Love Hate

The Speed Training work out,I love to hate it and I hate to love it. 

On the love hand, I know speed training makes me a stronger runner overall. I know it's better for fat loss (which is always a goal) But man. Speed work is a challenge.I have to line up 10 power songs in a row, and coach myself every single step.I love speed work because generally speaking, it's my short work out of the week. Intense, Quick, Effective. My favorite things! Also, it's an indoor work out which means AC and television which are also some of my other favorite things.

One the why I hate speed work hand, there's different levels of intensity in regards to speed training. The tempo run is a further distance, but it's intense for a finite amount of time. There's a warm up and a cool down involved. I like that. It leaves me thinking "tough it out you only have X more minutes and then you can bring it down a notch"  

40 Minute Tempo Run 9:16 Pace
The 400 X *Increasing number of laps the longer you train* at a 5k pace straight whoops my ass. I have no clue how fast I can run a 5K in a race type scenario. How do you know what your 5K pace is then? I'm trying to keep it in the high 8:00 neighborhood which is swift for me. I like to finish strong, and get faster with each lap. Lawd-day the 10 X 400 speed training this week like to kill me. My legs are sore today, in that awesome I put in a great work out kind of way.

9 X 400 5k Pace Run 8:48 Pace
I'm excited to see how I'll do come the Cajun Cup in three weeks. I've enjoyed training at the shorter distance, but I'm looking forward to running in the double digits again. There is truly magic in the long run. The last race I participated in was in April, it's safe to say I've got the itch! The longer I do this run thing, the less I'm thinking of setting a PR (all runners are always thinking about setting a PR) and the more I'm thinking, What did that run teach me?

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  1. Love that verse! Good for you girl! You got this!

  2. Look at you getting all wise on us! I agree completely. Marathon training taught me a lot of life lessons and not one of them was a PR :) One day though, one day!

  3. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with speed work too! As hard as it is, it feels like it goes by so quickly.