Tuesday, October 21, 2014

L'Auberge de Lac Bachelorette Weekend

Last month, our crew celebrated Jessica's (blog regular here, one of my B to the F Fs- you'll recognize her) bachelorette party at L'Auberge de Lac (Casino resort) in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

I had never been to L'Auberge , so I was excited to check this place out!

Jacked this pic from the internet
I personally am not a big casino person, however at  L'Auberge, there was so much to do aside from gambling and we all had a fantastic time!. We were one of several groups of Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, L'Auberge is very popular with the Texans. Highlights include the Glow Bar, Jack Daniels after hours, and lounging by the pool. Gotta be vague, what happens at L'Auberge.....

 Of course we did some pinterest-y things

Like an itinerary, because we're a group of type As, and have you ever tried organizing intoxicated people? Good luck with that...

or these survival kits packed with a mini champagne, water, blow pop, advil,band aids, and a travel sized sunscreen. These gable boxes came from Sweet Tea Paper via Etsy, and were a huge hit!

and of course the overall room set up. Cutesy banners also came from Etsy.com vendors.

And an absolute must, a sweet souvenir for the bride

Our first night, we ended up all wearing our Ship Faced shirts. Our shirts were ordered via Amazon, and printed locally by AdvertecThat's how you save some dollars. The shirts made us lots of new friends. Some really nice strangers let us take pictures on their boat, which we followed up with a very rowdy dinner at the Jack Daniels Bar. That's all I can tell you about that.

Day two was spent by the pool, we listened to music, we laughed, we enjoyed each other's company, and we all squeezed onto that one piece of furniture for no particular reason other than we just like each other. Life was good that day

The pool was followed up with a Lingerie shower, oh lala, and dinner at Ember. Ember is L'Auberge's fancy steak house. Unfortunately we don't have a great pic from dinner. If only someone in that group was a blogger who was good with pictures....

This was one of those fantastic weekends that brings everyone that much closer. We're all excited for Jessica's big day, but first we've got a few more stops a long the way. More pinterest-y fun to follow!

What are your favorite Bachelorette party traditions?

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  1. I love the timeline schedule. The type A in me would love this for all and any event I plan. My fav. batchelorette activity is getting ready while having a few drinks together. I miss that time so much from college and enjoy being able to do it with friends.

  2. I just commented but I think google ate my comment. I'm from Lake Charles. I live in New Orleans now. I like to stay at L'Auberge when I go back home to visit family. It's definitely fun even if you're not a gambler. If you ever get a chance, try going to one of the Party by the Pool concerts during the summer!

  3. I haven't ever done a casino bachelorette party, but I have mastered the beach and nashville bach bashes...my absolutely favorite thing I have done is take mugshots of before and after our big night out...never to be published anywhere, ever!!! And also, this summer, we signed a GIANT bra for my sister as a guest book and it happened to accompany us for our afternoon at a brewfest and night out on the town...I have so many fun memories, some hazier than others, of different bachelorette parties, girl time is THE BEST :)

    Oh, and matching tshirts are a must!!!!!

  4. i'm knee deep in bachelorette party planning and i've been going back and forth on making one of the lipstick frames. yours turned out too cute and i think i'm 100% sold on the idea now.
    also, i'm new to louisiana, so i'm thinking i need to add L'Auberge to my list of places to visit!