Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10K High Mileage Week, Short Cut to Half

It's week seven of 10k training aka peak mileage week for me! This round of 10k training has been wonderful. I've been able to slowly work my weekly base mileage back up, and I've avoided distance running during the hottest part of the year. I'm winning at long distance run life. 

True to form, I'm starting to think about what's coming next, and planning to get my self to the half marathon distance on December 6, BR Beach Half. I'm excited about this half for a few reasons. One I've never done it before. I absolutely love doing something I've never done. I live for that. Two, it will be a challenge to get myself up to that distance so quickly, though  I have no doubt I can and will do it. Special bonus, this race is on a Saturday. The icing on top, it's the first race to qualify me for half fanatics (more hardware).

This coming Saturday, my long run is 8 miles, the next week 10K race, and that leaves three Saturdays (long run days) to half. Tentative Long run plan/ short cut to half is as follows:

November 8 - 10K Race
3/5/3 Week Day Runs
November 14  - 10 Miles
3/5/3 Week Day Runs
November 22 - 11 Miles
3/5/3 Weekday Runs
November 29 - 12 Miles
3/2/2 Weekday Runs
December 6 - Half Marathon

This is easily one of my favorite times of year to be a runner. Once the humidity let's up, my feet feel free, and I'm loving the run again! 

Weekly Goals:


6 Mile Run

50 Minute Tempo Run

4 Mile Run

Cross Train (TBD)

8 Mile Run


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  1. 7-8 mile runs are my happy spot. It's sad that I call 6 miles a short run.

  2. I wanna do the BR Beach Marathon! That's the hardest thing about not going back to work. I don't have extra money to fund my racing habit :( but now I have all this time to run!