Friday, October 31, 2014

POTM Accountability Post

Happy Halloween and Happy Friday!!! It's the last day of the month, which means tomorrow is a brand new spanking chance to get everything right! November is Pile on the Miles and I have committed to 100 miles in November. Here is my road mileage count for the year, as of today right now. I may go out and run 1.6 miles to make that an even 900 before the clock strikes midnight 
(OCD makes you do crazay things like that).

I am personally determined not to fall into the Halloween Candy trap. I'm buying just enough candy to hand out, not enough to hang out. Ya know what I'm sayin.

Tomorrow I've got 8 miles on the schedule, the furthest I've run in a long time. The weather is going to be fanfreakingtastic for running. I for one am excited about this artic plunge. Running 8 miles got me thinking about the first time I had ever done run that distance. I went back and read my post here. Back then,each new distance was accompanied by such a mix of emotions. Excitement and even a little fear, and the I can't believe I'm about to do this how badass am I?! feeling.

How far you running this week? Just 8, I hear myself say. 

Marathon training has majorly warped my distance perception.

Sometimes, I really miss the novel feelings associated with distance training. Then I remember that I have experience on my side, and now I just keep getting better. 

 I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween with your special people tonight!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Counter-grazer, she must be stopped

Counter - grazing, it's an epidemic that must be stop. Someone at my house is a daily repeat offender. Cruising along the kitchen picking what she can off innocent plates, meals mid prep in the pan, the toppings off cooling pizza belong to my Mr, no calorie shall be left uneaten.

A little pick here and a little pick there, surely it can't really be adding up. Besides, she thinks, if no one sees me eat it, it's like it didn't happen right? Right?!

Counter grazing is most intense during the evening hours. When multitasking while meal prepping. When I'm attempting to ignore how hungry I've gotten since my afternoon snack and evening work out. Dinner is on the brain, along with the laundry, always with the damn laundry.

Surely the counter grazer  will leave enough for food for meal time right? Surely she won't consume all of dinner before it actually hits the plate.

Counter grazer doesn't care. Counter grazer takes what she wants. While you're putting away laundry, she's scarfing down half of this week's ground turkey. While you're catching up on emails, she's eating half the topping off your pizza (she's really sorry about that Nick). While you're letting tomorrow's left over spaghetti sauce cool, she's licking the pan clean, right off of the stove.

She makes no apologizes. She knows you'll find something else to eat tomorrow. In fact, she's counting on it. Counter grazers constantly dream about the future, and thrive off your routine.

Nola Noel, counter- grazer, repeat offender, sometimes aided in grazing by her brother, Nacho. The ultimate accomplice. He likes pizza toppings too. Don't let that cute face fool you. She'll eat your dinner while you've left the room to hang up yesterdays slacks and not think twice about it.

Counter-grazers. They regret nothing, because your dinner is always delicious.

How do we make this stop?!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

November 2014: Pile on the Miles Commitment

It's that time of year again. That time of year when each day I leave work without consuming one mini *insert chocolate lurking in every single office* I've one a small victory. So far this week, I've one the fight three times. Little victories people. I also know, the food battle is only going to continue to escalate. Halloween candy is only the tip of a very large iceberg. The holidays ain't derailing me I tell ya.

I need some extra motivation during the holidays. Something bigger than myself. A reward. Like with prizes.

This year, I'm pledging 100 miles in November or 25 miles a week. I totaled up my training miles by week, and in November I should log 96 miles. I'll have to make up those extra four miles somewhere else. Quarter mile here, quarter mile there, totally doable. Monica has some phenomenal prizes to give away this year too. You'd think running outside would be a cheap activity, right?! All compression everything ain't cheap! Read all about how participate in Pile on the Miles 2014 (note- you don't have to be a runner, but you do have to be motivated to move!) and get yourself in on the challenge here! 

I'm going to hold myself accountable by posting a screen shot of my Nike Run totals this Friday, and on Monday, December 1st. I'm at 894 miles for the year thus far, not including treadmill miles. The summer set me back. December 1st, My tracker should read 1,000 plus miles. How freaking cool is that?!

I love participating in this challenge. I don't care who you are, extra accountability is always a win!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10K High Mileage Week, Short Cut to Half

It's week seven of 10k training aka peak mileage week for me! This round of 10k training has been wonderful. I've been able to slowly work my weekly base mileage back up, and I've avoided distance running during the hottest part of the year. I'm winning at long distance run life. 

True to form, I'm starting to think about what's coming next, and planning to get my self to the half marathon distance on December 6, BR Beach Half. I'm excited about this half for a few reasons. One I've never done it before. I absolutely love doing something I've never done. I live for that. Two, it will be a challenge to get myself up to that distance so quickly, though  I have no doubt I can and will do it. Special bonus, this race is on a Saturday. The icing on top, it's the first race to qualify me for half fanatics (more hardware).

This coming Saturday, my long run is 8 miles, the next week 10K race, and that leaves three Saturdays (long run days) to half. Tentative Long run plan/ short cut to half is as follows:

November 8 - 10K Race
3/5/3 Week Day Runs
November 14  - 10 Miles
3/5/3 Week Day Runs
November 22 - 11 Miles
3/5/3 Weekday Runs
November 29 - 12 Miles
3/2/2 Weekday Runs
December 6 - Half Marathon

This is easily one of my favorite times of year to be a runner. Once the humidity let's up, my feet feel free, and I'm loving the run again! 

Weekly Goals:


6 Mile Run

50 Minute Tempo Run

4 Mile Run

Cross Train (TBD)

8 Mile Run


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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Couples Shower

This past Saturday, we celebrated Jessica and Nathan's upcoming wedding with a couples shower! 

Soon to be Mr & Mrs!
The invitation read Eat, Drink. & be Scary, all the makings of a ridiculously fun party.If you follow me on Instagram you know Nick and I went as Al and Peg Bundy. 

These outfits were fun and super simple to put together. Leopard print tights and red belt are from The other items I pulled from my closet. I'm wearing fake clip in bangs and red hair spray (my hairdresser fixed me up) and voila: Peg Bundy.  Nick's outfit is made entirely of items he already owned, except for the white T-Shirt. He made that two hours before the party. This is when I do my best work! Quote from Nick.

We had a blast. I really thought we'd have no competition in the couples costume division. Until Danielle and Anthony rolled up as Gump and Lieutenant Dan. How can you compete with that?

Shelly did an amazing job with all of the spooky decorations, food, and booze. The gumbo pot was all but licked clean and it's safe to say the kids had as much fun as the grown ups, another successful party in the books!

The Halloween Hosts: Jack and Coke!
Jessica's Bridesmaids
Halloween is easily one of our favorite holidays. Who doesn't like an excuse to get dressed up as someone else for the evening?! I'll have to start planning now if we want to top this year's costumes! 

How are you celebrating Halloween?

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