Friday, September 19, 2014

The Gratitude Challenge

Good morning and TGIF! I'm keeping my word and blogging two days in a row. If you're friends with me on my personal Facebook, I apologize for this repeat. When I posted this one random Saturday morning, I knew I couldn't get the whole blogging thing out from under my skin. I'm sure you've seen the graitutude challenge floating across your news feeds, here's mine, condensed. With Pics. Enjoy. 

Last week, my cousin Jamie nominated me for the gratitude challenge, 3 things your grateful for, for five days. I procrastinated, so I'm gonna do one better and drop them all in one post  15 things I'm most grateful for, here we go...

1. My hard working husband Nick, for his love, support, Mr. Fix-It winning attitude, and the ability to make a joke out of any situation. I love laughing with you, especially in awkward situations when it's probably more appropriate to be quiet. You are a gem. You challenge me to better person, continuously keeping me on my toes. You are my very best friend, truly a gift, and I'm a lucky to get to call you mine. I could go on for days, but you'd have a fit if I got all mushy mushy on The Facebook (or the blog- whatever).

We asked him to pick up some Champagne. He's an over achiever 
(and going to kill me for posting this pic)

2. My Mom, for all the countless times you put my needs above your own, for your selflessness, for always leading by example, for teaching me how very important it is to be able to support yourself, for my education, for that mum you bought me to put outside of my front door last fall (unfortunately, I didn't inherit your green thumb), for your generosity, your kindness, and your unconditional love. Oh and for the potty training, I can't tell you how many times that's come in handy. (I stole that last bit from a greeting card. Sue me).

3. My family, on all days. All of the little and big life lessons I've learned from each member. For all of the precious memories only we can share. No one else on Earth can sympathize with my tall people problems like you, for the all those hugs and greetings in the foyer. For the unconditional love and support. To Maw Maw for holding onto my strawberry milk Donald Duck cup all of these years, For all the holidays, birthdays, and just because days that you've made me feel loved. I truly hope I give it back to you.

4. My ride or die girl friends. You know who you are. Those special girls who help me in all tasks. From stripping wall paper out of my new bathroom, pep talking me through a long run, for all of the weekend editions of the hot mess express, for never minimizing the all important question, "What shoes do I wear with this dress?!", for cheers on race day, for your punny text messages on a basic Wednesday, for helping me clean the fridge of champagne (because Mimosas), for humoring those inevitable Lindsey Lohan moments life throws our way, I am always here for you boo.

5. My education. The ability to learn, and to put those skills into practice. I know that I've been afforded opportunities that don't come everyone's way because of it. This one is all you Mom 

6. Nacho, my big Buddha baby. You are so spoiled and I know it's all our fault. When you bark at me at 6am on the one day I get to sleep late, I rethink my sanity in having you as an inside pet. Then I see your sweet face, and how happy you are to see me, and you color my entire day. I love how happy you are just to be near us. You make me appreciate all life's little things that much more. 

Give it to me straight: How many more times will you have to leave for this "work" thing?

7. Nola, our sweet girl, you are incredibly kind and patient, honestly you don't have a choice with Nacho as your brother. I love how quiet you are in the mornings. I love that you love to cuddle with me. I love the way your butt wiggles when you run up to greet me. I love that little noise you make when you yawn. You light up my life. (It's really sick how much I love these baby dogs)

 Beware of dog: she comes for cuddles

8. For Tuesday, you are not the forgotten child. I love you too. Your quiet nature is a trait I attempt to emulate, but frequently fail. You've been side eyeing me ever since I brought home number 6 and you really thought we lost it with number 7. Sometimes I imagine what expletives you are shouting at me when you stare at me from across the pillow. Yeah gah, I see you. 

Don't mind me. Just creepin on your run gear

9. The ability to run. Running transformed my life in the most incredible way, and I don't just mean the way it's affected my body physically. I crave the continuous challenge the road presents to me. I treasure the relationships I've gained when I first set out to train for a race. I cherish the many talks I've had with Jesus out on the long run. For the extra challenging run goals, whether speed or distance, where at the end I'm physically spent but emotionally rejuvenated. I am forever grateful to have discovered this passion.

At the finish line of my first half marathon: Rock N Roll New Orleans 2012

10. I'm grateful for insurance. For health insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance. All. at. the. same. time. I really feel like I'm winning adulthood in having all of these things.

11. Football season, I'm so grateful you have arrived. I love the camaraderie on game day, I love the fashion opportunities you present. I love the shouting people who gather in my living room on Sundays. You also make it socially acceptable to day drink... again with the Mimosas....

I just love this pic. There was a football game on too

12. Travel, I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had because of it, I love going somewhere I've never been and seeing how other people live life. I value all of the lessons, experiences, and memories carved out of each trip. 

Sweating bullets at the Sears Tower: November 2013
13. A place to call home. I am so grateful for my home. I love being here, especially with the person and furries I share it with. No matter what happens during the day, I feel at peace when I arrive on our drive. I'm grateful for the little things like covered parking and the big things like two bathrooms (Hallelujah).

14. Fabulouso. It's pretty trivial, but I seriously love the way you smell.

15. Last but certainly not least, I'm grateful for my cousin Jamie. I'm grateful to you for nominating me for this challenge, it made me realize how very many things I have to be grateful for. I'm grateful to you for your caring spirit and the way you work so hard to make sure everyone around you is happy. I look up to you and admire the way you carry yourself. If I've got even a teensy bit of your character in my genetics, I'm forever grateful. I'm grateful for the friendship we have, and the way we've grown closer over the years. Also, I'm grateful to you for driving everyone home from Flora Bama on your Birthday. I owe you

Flora Bama Selfie

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  1. I'm late to the party - but I love this! You have a way with words, my friend :) You project your positivity and love for life and the people in it so well!! Glad to see you blogging again!

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