Thursday, September 18, 2014

Le sigh. Am I still a blogger?

Hewwo?? Anyone out there? *Crickets*

Serves me right. Can I just take second to complain about my insanely busy, over packed schedule that has left me no time to blog?

No you can shove it because Skinny Meg is busier than five of you combined and she posts errry day.

Fine. I'm lazy when it comes to blogging, but today I want to talk. 

Preach gah!

Fantastic. My bizarre inner monologue has cost me what few readers remain (I see you)

I've got big plans for the little blog guys. On the real. Will I ever put them into practice? I hope so. But I make no promises. 

What have I been up to?

Work is #crayallday and frankly that's the way I like it. When the whole day zips on by and you feel like a productive badass lady biznitch with all you got accomplished that day. #likeaboss ... oh wait

This is what a typical day in my life looks like these days:

5:55am *five minutes before the alarm goes off* Insert Nacho barking- YOU GUYS!!! I want to come hang out with ya'll!!! Nick and I grumple and complain about whose turn it is to go let down the baby gate, freeing the baby dogs to roam the house,so we can sleep a little later. I usually win. My husband has the smarts.

6:00am Alarm goes off. Press snooze until Nick kicks me out of bed for being so annoying

6:30am Is it high carb day or low carb day? What am I gonna eat for my snack? I should've done this last night...

7:15am Out the door with an Apple and a plan to stop for a fruit and yogurt parfait *hold the granola* because I didn't plan for dis low carb day. Story of my life

7:30am At my desk. Scarfing down my fruit and yogurt parfait. No coffee no talkie, but the people don't care! Leigh Ann!!! Leigh Annn!!!! LEIGGGHH ANNN!

5:00pm Time to bounce. Down the hatch with C4 and get to da gym. (I'm gangsta now. A lot can happen in a month)

The gym has become my only *me time* Ear buds in. Crank up the treadmill. Turn off the noise and move. I crave it like a drug and I swear it's the only thing keeping me *somewhat* sane. I started officially training for the Cajun Cup this week. 10K for speed. I wanna be fast fast. 

Cajun translation: you say the same thing twice in a row to express emphasis. 
He be strong strong yeah.
I wanna run fast fast.
Oh mais, dats good good eatin
Dats a hard hard problem to have yeah

I swear I'm an educated person. Most days. Hi Mom!

 I know I need to get off the treadmill and hit the pavement, but I'm a diva and it's hot. Preach. 

You should post about that training gah. Since you're a "fitness and weight loss blogger" 
*side eye*

7:00pm Heading home or home. 
Nick, What's for dinner? 
Are wives supposed cook dinner?  You gotta chill with the high expectations bro
My poor husband. 
Well you can have broccoli and ground turkey and two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese OR roll 3rd grade style with your mac and cheese. Makes a face. I'll get a pizza.
He's actually at an all time low weight. Little shit 

Gotta clean house, gotta do laundry, gotta do the dishes, gotta answer some more emails, gotta give the baby dogs some attention,  gotta make sure my house is clean because my OCD has been through the roof. I'm fun to live with. Swearsies. Is social media still a thing?

10:00pm Why am I still awake? I gotta go to bed. Wash rinse repeat.

I'll be back...with a somewhat less spastic blog post. Even Positive Patty needs a day off sometimes.  Tomorrow. Yeah, I'll do this again tomorrow....

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  1. This post made me laugh out loud. And I also compared myself to Skinny Meg today on my blog ;)

    Megan, making everyone look like a loser since forever.

  2. Haha love the dog picture! Skinny meg is awesome! Such a motivation!

  3. Ha ha..ok I'm tired just reading that...

  4. Haha!! If my lips are chapped I will say they are chapped chapped. That just comes from a Cajun friend in college showing me a video of PooPoo Broussard on YouTube!