Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cajun Cup Training 2014: 10k Training

Heller! Can't believe I'm going to get in three posts in September. Shoot for the Stars!

I'm onto week two of training for the Cajun Cup 10K. This race is special to me, it's where I first drank the running kool-aid and was the first race I ever trained for in 2012.  I ran the race again in 2013, however, I used it as a marathon training race and actually ran 9 miles to the start line. I know, that shit cray. I don't want to spend 6 months training for a long races this season. I injured myself that way last year. Too many miles, the wheels said no more! So I decided to bring down the miles and up the speed. I've been following Hal Higdon's Intermediate 10k plan.

I choose this plan for two reasons:

1. Speed Work (a-hem fat loss) and who doesn't want to constantly improve their speed? I know I will always want to be faster. And faster. I also know this takes time. Lots of time. Like years for some people. Enjoy the run. My constant reminder.

2. Mileage increases to an 8 mile long run week 7, with race day week 8. Meaning, after the Cajun Cup, I have four weeks to get myself back to half marathon distance for the Beach Half December 6. then upwards to my white whale, the Marathon finish. 

Last year, I had it all figured out. I had run calendars posted in three different places. I knew how I planned to transition between each race, I knew how many miles I had to run each week, even if it hurt I did it (dumbos), I had a plan. An intricate one. I had calendars dictating my run schedule and nothing was going to stop me. Except that knee injury. 

This year, I'm winging it. Listening to my body has brought me the best results to date, so that's what I'm rolling with, calendars be damned! I do have a teensy outline in my head but nothing on paper. Swearsies.

This 10K training schedule intimidated me for the same reason it excited me: speed training. Real talk, I've been doubting myself lately. Can I still run an aggressive schedule? Can I really push myself out to a 5k pace with no competition? That's where the magic lies for me on race day, competition. both with myself and the people running in real time around me. FYI: I always do my speed work on the treadmill.

Week One Speed training 35 Minute Tempo Run:
I wasn't too stressed about this tempo run, it's a routine I frequently use on indoor runs.. I'd been logging enough miles and pushing myself, so I knew I wouldn't have issues. Honestly, it wasn't very difficult. I had to force myself to bring down the speed and recover after the run "peak" , sometimes the run just feels so good (so good, so good), which is a really great thing. It means I can push much harder during the "peak" next week. When the tempo run extends to 40 minutes.

9:21 Pace

Week Two Speed Training: 8 X 400 at a 5k Pace:
A 5k is the fastest pace in your arsenal. It's the pace you run when you're not afraid of emptying the tank too early, because it's not that far to go. I can usually only push myself into the 8 minute mile range on race day. When I'm thinking, "No way Jose you ain't getting past me!"

400 meters = one lap around a standard track or 1/4 of a mile (.25). For whatever reason, the 400 meter runs intimidate me. I broke this run down into laps, increasing speed each "lap"

Lap One 6.7
Lap Two 6.8
Lap Three 6.9
Lap Four 7.0
Lap Five 7.1
Lap Six 7.2
Lap Seven 7.0 (Feeling like meh, I might die)
Lap Eight 7.3 (just kidding I can run harder)

I'm not gonna lie. It was tough. I was sick earlier in the week and this was my first work out post illness. (Fever/Achy/yearly seasonal crud). To round out the cardio to an even number (I'm OCD like that), I did a 13 minute incline walk, and then ran for two minutes. Cause I felt like it. :)

8:37 Pace

Today is four miles and some strength. As much as I love trying new things at the gym, weight lifting programs, kick boxing, circuit training, cycling etc. I just love to run. I can't get away from it, and I hope I never have to. I feel incredibly motivated heading into the fall run season, cooler weather is setting in, and the run fever hits. It's a feeling I keep chasing. I can't stop seeing that marathon finish. 

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  1. I am the exact same way. Only do speed work on the treadmill. I did a track workout with my running group the other week and thought I might face-plant!