Friday, August 8, 2014

TGIF! Week in Summary

TGIF!! It's a big weekend at the Noel house! Saint's pre-season starts tonight, which means I've just handed our social calendar over to my husband for the foreseeable future. While I enjoy football season, he lives and breaths him some Saints football. It's a joy to be around and I look forward to this time of year! 

To make it extra special, we are spending the weekend in New Orleans with Susannah (sister from another mister) and her man as we are all participating in the Red Dress Run. I haven't seen her in more than a month which feels like eons. 

FBF 2009 me love you long time!
Oh all my gees I am so excited about this event! It's a bucket list item for me without a doubt. Betta live up to the hype! Say some prayers I don't drunk eat Bourbon Street pizza. Again. For like the millionth time in my life. Don't knock it till you've tried it! I can't make that fit even on high carb day if I tried. I'm really going to try not tototally fall out this weekend, as I'm keeping that Monday morning weigh in. Accountability, what what! Speaking of drinking and weight loss, there's been lots of questions about that lately too. We'll talk about that next week. How to be a booze hound and still drop elle bees. 

This week's work outs have been outta sight for me. I'm finally feeling like myself again after the stress with the move, puppy additions, vacation etc. I had been queitly concerned about loseing my comfortable five mile base going into long run season. I've been doing more 3 mile runs for speed and sprints than anything else over the summer. I made myself pound out three five milers on the treadmill this week- I'm not ready to face to humidity reality just yet- each run a little bit faster than the previous. Feels good to get my kicks under me again!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Runs

Friday morning I had planned on either an old favorite 55 minute walk/run routine. I find incline walk/run combination routines once a week have really helped my overall outdoor pace. Training your heart to recover quickly is just as important as logging all of those miles.

I didn't have time for the full 55 minutes, so I shortened the routine to 40 by cutting the 12 minute incline walking sections in the beginning down to six minutes, and increasing the first of the 7.0 runs to 3 minutes. I felt that shorten recovery time. Burn baby burn!

40 Minute Walk/Run Routine 

I've been pulling lifting routines from all week to coincide with this week's work out goals. Feeling fantastic rolling into the weekend! Please self control, help me say that come Monday ;)

Hope you have a rocking weekend!

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  1. Come hell or high water I'm joining you on the Monday weigh in. High five for planning to make good choices. I hope we both succeed!!

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