Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carb Cycling Week One Update & Weekly Work Out Goals

Good morning!! I hope you're having a fantastic week thus far, I know I am! It's been a wild one through Wednesday, but that's just how I like it. Busy busy busy makes the work week fly! I told ya'll last week about a new plan I wanted to try to shake my vacation weight gain. When I returned from vacation, I was up 4, yes four pounds, from the previous week. Good eater award goes to.... *insert gluttonous bow*

After completing one week of Chris Powell's Turbo Cycle carb cycling program, on Monday morning, I had lost the four vacation gain plus three additional pounds. That's 7 pounds down in one week. WHOA! I was pretty pleasantly surprised myself. I will say, I feel confident most of that four pounds was bloat, so this week should be a true test for me to see how many more lbs I can shake. Now I feel challenged to try for more. Motivation comes in waves, so I'm gonna ride this one as long as I can!

What I really like about this program is how well it fits into my weekend. We are super social every weekend, which makes dieting difficult. A strict program will not fit into my lifestyle long term. The plan calls for a high carb day on Saturday, which I desperately need you know for social hour, followed by a reward day on Sunday. I ate Taco Bell the day before I weighed in. How ya like them apples?  I have felt incredibly energized following this program as well. I ran more miles last week, than I had since Marathon training. I'm not necessarily actively trying to lose anymore weight, just curious to see if I can. If that makes sense? It does to me.

Monday I decided to go back to my old RIPPED class. I hadn't been since May, as I'd been following LiveFit for some time. It was so great to see everyone and enjoy a group work out. I'm going to start adding that back into my weekly routine. Something about a group work out makes me feel more challenged. Here are my work out/meal goals for the week:

Low Carb Day

5 Mile Run
Lift Back
Low Carb Day

5 Mile Run
Lift Chest & Abs
High Carb Day

5 Mile Run
Lift Biceps & Triceps
Low Carb Day

55 Minute Incline Walk/Run Routine or 4 Mile run (time depending)
Lift Shoulders & Abs
Low Carb Day

High Carb Day

Rest Day
Reward Day
May have to get a bike ride in there kinda day

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  1. So I'm wondering if you're using your macro numbers from Ashley to alternate the low carb, high carb days, or if you recalculated your numbers....

    1. I'm not calculating any numbers, just loosely aiming to keep them around a certain count each day. Carbs under 100 on low carb day and under 150 on high crab day, fat always around 40, and protein count higher than carb count. I haven't been supplementing either, just preworkout since I'm addicted to it on another level. Hope this helps!

  2. Look at all those 5 mile runs - you don't mess around! I'm really interested in carb cycling and good ol' Chris makes it look pretty simple (I love the pictures to help describe it)! Love how it jives with your weekend plans - I think everyone likes to cut a little loose on the weekends! I'm finally getting back on track this week and will be trying this out next week. Gotta slim down for the big vacay!!

  3. I got Chris's book for Christmas and haven't gotten a chance to read it yet. I think I need a Positive Patty to call/text me everyday and make sure I'm on the straight and narrow! Anyone know where I can order one of those? Ha! A gym in our town is going to be offering R.I.P.P.E.D. starting at the end of the month and I am super excited to try it!

  4. Hello, i'm interested in learning more about this carb cycling- so i clicked on your link, but i can only find "high" and "low" carb, not any acutal numbers. High and low are so subjective when talking about carbs, so i'm a little confused. Can you share some numbers or what a "high/low" day looks like? Thanks! Congrats on the 7lbs!

  5. I'm with the comment above. Could you do a post of maybe what you eat on high carb days & low carb days? BTW, I miss your food pics on IG! ha!