Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Web Design Reboot: Referral Request and Ramblings

Wednesday, watch out! This week is flying right on by! This has been my first normal week in more than a month, and it feels so great to get back to my ordinary routine. I am such a boring creature of habit. I'm still fishing things out of boxes and wondering where this and that is but overall it's been fab-u-lous! 

Daily changes: Since the move, I've yet to hit up the gym for an early morning workout, instead I've been packing a bag and heading there straight from work. We moved about 6 miles from the gym, when previously we lived 1.5. If I head to the gym in the morning, I'll have to shower there to get to work on time. I just can't get down with the locker room yet. 

If you've been reading here for awhile, you know that in January I switched from a small all women's gym, to the city within a city co-ed gym. It's been an adjustment. Hence, my lack of gym selfies on IG. Blogger Problems. All things considered however, I really love the new gym and all that it has to offer. They should have a designated selfie room, since everyone is itching for alone time in this one bathroom to take theirs.Yeah, I see you. Just saying. Drop that in a suggestion box gah!

Speaking of selfies- I haven't been taking many because I have some mirror issues going on to my new house. I have no mirrors hanging on the walls, painting problems, and my bathroom mirrors are beveled so dey look funny. I'm not hiding anything. Promise. This is such a blogger problem it's embarrassing for me to type out. Selfies have actually become another issue with me entirely but I'd like to keep some readers with my rebrand so I'll just keep dat to myself. 

Beveled mirrors are selfie no bueno
Back on topic ADD girl, oh yeah you did have a point to make, The gym after the office is making for a long day away from my baby dogs, so I'll have to get over my locker room phobia sometime in the near future. Shudders. 

Obviously I'm not that pressed for time, however, since this week alone I've managed to get totally caught up with True Blood. OH all my gees. What happened at the end of the last episode was a crime against nature.

Rebrand, I know it's intense today, I'm thinking my little page needs a face lift. A new fresh look to go with this new fresh start! My go-to blog designer has retired, le sigh you are missed, so I'm looking for referrals. I could probably suck it up and learn how to do it myself, but obviously I have HBO shows to catch up on. Anyone out there watch Girls?

Later taters gotta get to work. Dolla dolla bills ya'll!

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  1. LOVE Girls!! And my mouth dropped at the end of the last True Blood episode. What the heck??

  2. Totally shocked at the end of the last episode of True Blood. Definitely a crime. Tia from Hands On, Pants Off did my blog design and I'd recommend her for sure. :)

  3. Yes! Gym showers give me flash backs to college when you stole people's stuff so they were stranded in the bathroom. Also, how clean is it? Isn't painting fun?! Most people hate it but I find it therapeutic. Blare some music and just go :)

  4. AH! I need a new web designer too! I loved what Chris did for my page and I just need a few tweaks, but alas, he's retired as you say.. Boo hiss.

    When you respond to this comment by e-mail, tell me why you don't like selfies :)

  5. I design blogs!!! :) And would love to work with you girly! :)

  6. I've been really loving the aesthetic coming from The Nectar Collective as far as design goes. I'm not sure what her pricing is, but she does great work.

  7. I had Marquis at Simply Clarke do my last design and I LOVED working with her.

  8. I watch Girls - love it! The best word for the show is that it's so real. While I loved SATC, it was more unrealistic.

  9. I love Girls! I always feel weird saying that out loud because I'm never sure if it's going to come across the way I mean, about the show...oh and I can vouch for Erin (Love, Fun, and Football)! I love the design she made for me and she was super awesome to work with!

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