Monday, July 14, 2014

So Many Options, So Little Time

This weekend was spent getting settled into the new house. We've been fishing cloths out of boxes for a few weeks now, being all unpacked has made the space feel like home. Moving can be a logistical nightmare the do list keeps growing, making the check list seem small. I am a list girl. I like to see things checked off. No one is surprised.

Since we moved, we've been sleeping in a guest room while we got things painted and waited on the arrival of our new bed. I had been collecting little pieces here and there in preparation for our move.

To clarify, when I say we got things painted, I mean our incredibly generous friends who came in the weekend we closed and said, We're here to work now give me a job.  No amount of food and booze that's how you say thank you in the South, made us feel we could thank them enough. I could cry when I think about how much work they took off of our plate. We are incredibly fortunate and blessed with rich friendships. Plus, they tolerated my evaluation of every color in the wheel while choosing a living room color. It's hard to find people who don't mind putting up with your BS.

 Painting our space made the house feel like ours. It got us to that blank canvas space so that we could make this house our home. Here are the colors I selected:

Living/ Hall

Spare Bath

Master Bedroom

Obviously colors look much different once they're on the walls. However, I have to finish covering the Earth in Damask prints before I can share pictures. Pfff Chevron whatever.

Here's my dilemma, I have two spare rooms that still need painting. I want to pick a neutral color that will work in both rooms. Nothing too dark. If it were only up to me, I'd paint the world Antique White and move on with my day. Boring Betty says hey!

What are your favorite neutral colors?

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  1. Sherwin Williams revere pewter! Its a beautiful neutral color! I have seen it in homes and offices and I always love it in any light! Looks great accented with bright colors!

  2. We recently painted our master bath Mindful Gray and I love it! From some angles it looks gray and others tan. It will pick up whatever you put in the room. I'm loving the Believable Beige! We still need to paint the main area of our house so I am looking for a neutral that I will not have to replace for many, many years.

  3. Ooh, picking out paint colors is so much fun! And how lucky you are to have good friends to help. I love the grays and darker beiges. We did our guest room in SW Light French Gray and I'm convinced it makes the room look bigger, it's really neutral but more interesting than white. I'm sure you've looked at Pinterest, but that can also be really overwhelming. I've also read that you should wait to paint the room until AFTER you decorate it but pshhh who has the patience for that! I'm anxiously awaiting pics of the finished product :)

  4. I can't wait to see pics!!

  5. Aww you're making me sad that I just moved out of the house I own and could paint to my heart's content and into a rental! :( Choosing paint colors is so overwhelming (who knew there were so many shades of beige?!) but so much fun. One of the neutrals we used in our house was Olympic (I think? We got it color matched to Behr but I think Olympic was the original brand) "Stormy Weather." It looked exactly what it sounds like, it was the perfect shade of kind of gray, kind of tan, and definitely awesome.

  6. I am really loving neutral grays. I still have not painted much of our house because I'm that indecisive. Every time I think I have it figured out I realize I have picked gray for every room, omg. But I like bold accents, so there's that right? And yes, I would cover the world in some damask print too. Give me all the damask and also some Greek key print or whatever it's called. I will take that too. I can't wait to see the house pics though!

  7. I like SW Latte or Kilim Beige... both great, warm neutrals